7 Simple Gorgeous Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! As I start thinking about my own Thanksgiving meal and table this year, I thought putting together a little roundup of 7 simple, gorgeous, modern Thanksgiving tablescapes would inspire and help you as well!

I always start with looking around my own home, seeing what I already have and can possibly incorporate into this year’s tablescape design. Then I pick a theme – the style, color and mood I’m going for.

Things I always have in my inventory…

-white dishes (can always add a color to white dishes)
-dried greenery, faux flowers, wheat
-candles, candlesticks, vases, clear jars/bottles
-fresh fruits and vege’s (in the fridge)
-linens (I’ve purchased yards of fabric, on-sale from JoAnn’s)

Those of you that already know me, know that I am frugal. I also think the best creativity comes from using what you already have and repurposing it, in an ‘out-of-the-box’ kind of way.

Okay, let’s get started…

7 Simple Gorgeous Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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Happy Grey Lucky

Sina’s simple green leaves garland with a few birds of paradise leaves underneath to make it look like she used more greenery than she actually did, is brilliant!

Rather than traditional high vases, she used low clear glasses filled with inexpensive orange and purple mums to give the look of a floral garland without actually having to put together an intricate flower garland.

Block candles, fruit (tangerines, grapes and pomegranates) and a few mini pumpkins added to the floral garland. Simply stunning!

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Your Marketing BFF

This was my Thanksgiving tablescape last year! I used some linen fabric (cut, not sewn piece) down the center of the table and then made a seeded eucalyptus garland (using two bunches) and six gala apples.

Because I don’t like tall, obtrusive centerpieces (that people have to see and talk around), I opted for this simple copper candle holder to provide a center anchor for the table.

White plates, with linen napkins tied with a strand of gold cord around a sprig of eucalyptus elegantly tied the whole table together. Easy, peasy.

7 Simple Gorgeous Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes-5

Apartment 34

Y’all know I’m not only frugal, but a minimalist too! So this minimally lined table with touches of green, mixed brass candlesticks and clear apothecary bottles filled with simple florals spoke to my less is more side.

The table feels light and airy, but is beautifully festive.

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Apartment 34

This fresh garland made out of magnolia leaves with a few of the brown underside adds extra depth without the fuss. And the white pillar, drippy wax candles, look better after every use.

Erin created low, small flower arrangements that incorporated seasonal fruits and vegetables and simply plopped them into the garland. Don’t you just love these persimmons on a branch hanging from the arrangement?!

A one-of-a-kind work of art!

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Yummy Mummy Kitchen

This fruits and flower table runner is simply divine. Instead of a traditional runner, Marina decorated the table with olive branches, mini white pumpkins, pomegranates, persimmons and roses from her garden.

She elevated this natural look with a touch of glam by using simple, gold flatware and a few shimmery votive candle holders.

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1111 Light Lane

Beth’s eucalyptus flower garland with pops of color was one of my favorites last year! She incorporated this jewel tone color palette of dark purples, orange and burgundy with mums, alstroemeria, and cymbidium orchids.

Candles, gold flatware, warm wood accents and black linen napkins just added more warmth to an already gorgeous tablescape.

BTW: you can catch Beth’s diy on this eucalyptus flower garland HERE.

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Patterns and Prosecco

This simple, gorgeous, modern Thanksgiving tablescape captures the feeling of the season using texture and accents.

Neelam used a non-traditional accent, wheat.  I love the simplicity of the bundles of wheat in white pitchers sitting atop a black, faux fur runner and paired with vintage brass candlesticks with black candles.

A very luxe, yet understated look that is absolutely gorgeous!

I hope these 7 simple, gorgeous, modern Thanksgiving tablescapes have inspired you! I can’t wait to get started designing my own Thanksgiving tablescape this year!!!

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Do you know what you’re doing this year for your Thanksgiving tablescape? Or which of these tablescape ideas have inspired you. Please share in the comments below.

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    1. I actually am a sewer, but I love to change things up – like perhaps spread it across the entire table, rather than just a runner. BTW: there’s also ‘no sew tape’ that works for non-sewers. xo

  1. I’m so honored to be included in your post and among such beautiful tablescapes and talented bloggers! Thank you Tana for your kind words and I love all of these so much – including your gorgeous tablescape from last year! So gorgeous! xo, Beth

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