Simple, Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape Seeded Eucalyptus Runner

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I’m getting excited to spend quality time with family and friends… and to give thanks for our many blessings this past year.

I enjoy coming up with new ways to decorate our table for the big Thanksgiving feast. And since I have a really large island in the kitchen, I place all of the food on it, leaving me with plenty of room to do a beautiful table.

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Even though I live in Arizona, I’m still a Washingtonian at heart. This year I was inspired by the many varieties of apples grown in Washington AND what I already had in my fridge… gala apples!

Here’s how I create a simple, elegant tablescape:

  1. Start with a runner
  2. Use something natural – things like greenery, flowers, wood, etc.
  3. Use texture to create interest
  4. Use a center focal point
  5. Use my everyday white dishes – because I can add spots of color to other elements and don’t need to have additional sets of dishes.

I started my table with creating the runner.  I pulled out a linen fabric (cut, not sewn piece) I purchased years back (during a fabric sale) from JoAnn’s and placed it down the center of the table.

Beautiful natural seeded eucalyptus table runner

Side note: I actually designed my own kitchen table – it’s a gathering table length (mine is 96” long), with a standard table width (38”) – and was designed with friends and family in mind! This table is a center piece to our room that projects an image of an inviting nature with its ten seating capacity.

Back to the runner…

I picked up two bunches of seeded eucalyptus to make a natural runner and add texture down the center of my simple, elegant Thanksgiving tablescape.

I then added a centerpiece candle (for the center focal point). Starting from the focal point, I placed six gala apples on the runner – three on either side of the candle since I’m a girl who loves symmetry!

Elegant Candle Centerpiece Focal Point

Next I laid down some of my staples like simple round white plates and every day silverware. Rather than paper napkins, I added ivory linen napkins.

For a simple napkin setting, I tied a strand of gold cord around a sprig of eucalyptus and the napkin itself, so easy and beautiful! Plus, this ties in the place setting with the table centerpiece.

Simple neutral napking setting with eucalyptus sprig

I love how simply placing a napkin on top of each plate adds elegance to the table and it makes your family and friends feel extra special too!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I hope that if you’re looking to create a simple, elegant Thanksgiving tablescape for the day, I hope this post was helpful! Please leave any comments or questions you might have below… and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So beautiful Tana! I love your gorgeous apple colors, and your whole table is so lush and open at the same time! I bet your family knows just how much you love them when they sit down to this wonderful table! ? Thanks as always for the inspiration!

    1. Such a lovely compliment coming from you and all of your GORGEOUS table settings!!! May your family continued to be blessed this Thanksgiving. xoxo

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