Without A Strong WHY, People Don’t Buy


So simple, yet a valuable lesson if you want to make money with your online business … without a strong why, people don’t buy!

Understanding what motivates people to buy is a starting point to get you thinking and communicating your value to others.

But in order to sell something to your audience, you first need to know the ten main reasons WHY people buy.

Here are the ten reasons why people buy. I’d suggest committing these to memory:

  • To make money
  • To save time
  • To save money
  • To gain clarity
  • To be entertained
  • To avoid effort
  • Escape mental or physical pain
  • To get noticed (envy of others, increased popularity/attention or social status)
  • To gain praise (feel more loved)
  • To be more healthy

The first four – make money, save time, save money, and gain clarity– resonate the most with me and my target audience.

A quick exercise: Think about one of your recent purchases. What reason (or reasons) did you use to justify buying this item?

Real life example #1: A month ago, I bought an Instant Pot even though I already have a rice cooker and crock pot. Why did I buy the Instant Pot? Because it was going to save me time!

Real life example #2: I recently hired an agency to help me take Your Marketing BFF to the next level. Why? To gain more clarity, save time and make more money.

This quick exercise will help you think about which one, or ones, resonate with your target audience.

For most people, it’s one (or more) of these reasons that they use to justify their buying. These justifications are their WHY!

How To Use The Reasons Why People Buy

Now that you know the main reasons WHY people buy, how do you use this list?

(1) You can use the list to ask yourself questions about a product or service you might like to offer to gain clarity BEFORE you actually create it. For example;

What are the 3-5 ways my product or service will help them make money?

How much time does my product or service save them and what else could they do with that time?

What are 3 ways my product can help them gain more clarity?

How is my product/service going to help them to be the envy of their friends and feel more loved by their family?

Once you have answers to these types of questions, you can start digging in and thinking about who your target audience is, what they want and where they are in their life. This will also help you to establish a solid product or service offering that will resonate with your target audience.

(2) You can tie these main reasons why people buy to your headlines (or blog post titles), to your offers, to your bullets, to your stories, to your sales landing page copy, to your calls to action, to EVERYTHING!

The reasons why people buy should be the lens through which everything you do gets focused on.

Here’s a few of our product/service offerings and the WHYS people buy them + copy we use when “pitching” these to our target audience:

I hope this helps you better understand that without a strong why, people don’t buy. And, knowing what motivates people to buy is crucial to your selling success.

In a nutshell, understanding the why or the whys people buy, allows you to create offers your target audience loves, as well as, write effective copy that will “tie down” the prospect and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in them actually buying from you!

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