Transitional Style: Small Bathroom Design Inspiration


Transitional Design Style Small Bathroom InspirationsMuch like my graphic design style, my home décor style is also what I would consider to be a transitional design style.


The term transitional design is often used by interior designers to reflect the meshing of modern and traditional elements. Essentially, when you combine these two styles in one space (whether it’s a room, a website or logo), the result is a cohesive design.

I love merging modern, clean furnishings with traditional elements like a pedestal sink and wainscoting.

For our small bathroom (aka powder room that contains only a sink and a toilet), I plan on using: glass, metal, light ceramic wood floor tiles and perhaps a hint of wood for a modern touch.

Today, I wanted to share some small bathroom design inspiration – bathroom designs that speak to my transitional design style… and I hope they speak to you too.

So let’s get started with a few of my favorite small bathroom design inspirations:

I love this traditional white pedestal sink – especially in small bathrooms! I know many love to stay with traditional fixtures, but I prefer to combine modern fixtures with a traditional pedestal for a twist.

I will be doing wainscoting, but I haven’t decided on whether to go with a vertical shape (as seen above) or a square shape (as seen below). Honestly, I can’t go wrong with either one!

And I simply love the extra texture and class it brings to a room. Don’t you?!

I love this lighting! It’s actually in Monika Hibbs kitchen, but the triangle pendant shape with metal is the combination I’m currently leaning towards.

But the triangle pendant shape + glass light fixture in this gray, white and black bathroom is absolutely stunning. Plus this striped Turkish towel caught my eye too.

I like straight lines, but when it comes to mirrors I’m loving the round and oval mirror trend… as if you couldn’t tell with most of these inspirational photos having a round mirror in them. haha

Bringing wood elements into a space really warms it up, plus it reminds me of back home (my early years in Washington State). Wooden shelves in any room is a beautiful thing in my book.

Or perhaps white shelves with some light colored elements + various textures. Decisions, decisions.

I love the boldness of the dark colored walls in this bathroom, those fun gold lights and natural wood elements. If my husband, wasn’t my husband, I could totally see myself doing something like this… but I’ll save that battle for another room.

My neutral color of choice is light gray with crisp white and it’s the color palette seen throughout my home. This allows the lines of furniture and accents to take center stage.

See how the soft gray and crisp white mix is simply stunning? You can never go wrong – it’s gorgeous with any décor style.

I love impactful spaces. Here’s that dark wall with white pairing again. I guess I can’t get enough of it. And the triangle pendant glass lighting fixture and wooden stool stole my heart.

Even though our small bathroom is tiny, I still wanted to make a bold statement and impact, so I decided to go with a touch of wallpaper. The color of the wallpaper in this bathroom by Studio McGee speaks to me, but THIS one below spoke volumes…

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

I saw Oksana’s sweetest nursery reveal and I knew I had to have this removable wallpaper for my small bathroom.

Yep, I purchased this Clara wall mural wallpaper by Walls Need Love for the wall facing the doorway opening. This way when people walk into my entryway and look to the left, they’ll get that “Oh-Wow” feeling – the perfect unexpected sort of vibe I’m going for!

Every one of these small bathroom designs and details have inspired me! And I hope they’ve inspired you too.

Soon I will be sharing my small bathroom reveal. You can bet you’ll be seeing my transitional design style coming through with a lot of straight lines, lightly adorned accessories, neutral color palette and the unexpected addition of the Clara wall mural.

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    1. Awww that’s so sweet to say Tiffany! It’s painted, the wallpaper is up – next will be me adding the wainscoting. I need to schedule myself for a weekend soon, haha.

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