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Kylee Ann Photography Trade Show Booth

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The importance of human connection to grow your community of prospective clients is crucial. And when you’re creating a trade show booth that showcases your brand and attracts your ideal client, connecting and collaborating with multiple people in the planning and pre-show stages can be just as important!

Kaylee of Kylee Ann Photography understood the importance of seeking help from others around her to produce a successful trade show booth + experience:

-Her husband listened to ideas, painted, facilitated the set up and tear down.
-Friends listened to ideas, provided home décor and extra details for the booth.
-Some beauty show special additions were provided by another business friend.
-The vinyl booth backdrop was created with her business connections.
-A friend styled her hair for the day of the show. Always good to look and feel your best!
-Past brides/clients gave consent to use their photographs for marketing purposes. Numerous samples of Kylee’s work (photos) were seen hanging or in beautiful frames throughout her booth.

Here’s what it looks like when you connect and collaborate with multiple people:

Kylee Ann Photography Trade Show Booth Specialsborrowed decor from homePhotos as decoration In community, the connections you’ve made in the past can be most helpful in the present and future…you’re not in this whole business thang alone, look to your friends, family and connections like Your Marketing BFF to help you pull off a successful trade show experience.

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*All photo’s copyrighted and courteous of Kylee Ann Photography. Want to see additional booth photos? Go here.

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