Tips on How To Navigate the Social Media Jungle


Tips on how to navigate the social media jungleHaving your own business and/or blog is a lot of work, A LOT OF WORK! And then add ALL those different social media platforms that someone (like me) told you, you should be doing as part of your marketing plan and growth strategy.

For some, it’s a matter of just jumping in with both feet and navigating the waters from there. Others will sit back and take a little more cautious approach. Either way, learning how to navigate the social media jungle using a few simple tips will be invaluable.

Tips on How To Navigate The Social Media Jungle

1. Remember your audience. Each social media platform has its own uniqueness, respect the platforms and understand the nuances that make them interesting.
2. Be consistent. Being consistently active on social platforms is important and a big time commitment. Participation/engagement is key, especially when promoting your business, forming new connections and building relationships.
3. It’s not all about you. The rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you post should be directed at things your audience is interested in and 20% is focused on you and your business.

Facebook. People go to Facebook to connect, socialize and catch up on what the people they know and presumably care about are doing. Facebook for businesses USED to operate this same way, but today most followers won’t see your posts, thus low engagement and little traffic to your site…unless you pay to have your posts seen! So be aware of this fact.

Twitter. This is a constant stream of chatter infused with @ and # symbols. And limiting yourself to 140 characters is a challenge for some who are long winded, but perfectly suited for small bursts of quick-fire conversation and idea exchanges. There’s a lot of talking and selling on Twitter, but not enough engagement. Main currency: news + information

Pinterest. This is the place to help people create online collections of things that they love and that inspire them. A survey by Steelhouse shows that Pinterest users are 79% more likely to purchase something they spot on Pinterest than on Facebook. Pinterest also produces four times the revenue-per-click of Twitter. What’s fun and unique about Pinterest is that people can follow your boards, not just you the brand. What I like about Pinterest is that it embeds a hyperlink into your photo that with one click will direct users to your product, service or blog page = traffic to your site! Main currency: Eye candy. Make every pin visually compelling.

Instagram. Another visual-centric social platform, but is a closed loop, meaning anyone who clicks on your Instagram photo gets brought back to Instagram. You can’t embed a hyperlink in the comments, but you can insert a URL into your profile description. Consider Instagram a great platform where you can set the tone, tell your story, reinforce your brand, and build impressions + followers. Hashtags in a comment on your photo matter here and are the doorways through which people will discover your brand. Main currency: Friendship.

It’s important to your business growth to learn how to navigate the social media jungle. You don’t have to do them all, but choose one or two that you enjoy and are willing to put the time and energy towards… it will be well worth it if you do!


*Image source: Marissa Lambert Photography

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