Stories Are Coming To Facebook Pages

Snapchat started the stories craze, and then Instagram blatantly copied them! Since stories have been very successful for Instagram, Facebook decided to try the feature as well.

When Facebook first rolled out the stories feature, users really didn’t show lot of interest in it… but things are about to change!

Stories Are Coming To Facebook Pages

Facebook is gearing up to expand the stories feature to brands and pages. I’m not entirely sure when Facebook will officially roll out this feature – I just wanted to provide you with a heads up!

As I write this…

The ‘Stories’ will be located under your Facebook page settings: INSIGHTS navigation > BRANDED CONTENT navigation > two tab options; one for ‘Posts’ and one for ‘Stories’.

Note: As I learn more, I will update this post with more details.

A lot of my clients have had success with increased blog traffic numbers as well as sales using Instagram Stories. So what do you think – are you likely to do stories in Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.


… if you aren’t following our client @kismet_house on Instagram, you absolutely should! Her Instagram Stories are HILARIOUS!!!

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