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Sincerely Jenn personal brand

Jenn of Sincerely Jenn is an ideal client.  From the first time we met, I felt like we’d been friends for years, we just clicked!  Together we’ve created a personal brand that she and her clients love!

If you’re thinking about starting a new business or restarting an existing one, this is the process we went through with Jenn to create a unique, personal brand for her business…one that she’s proud of + attracts her ideal client!

The back story.

Jenn used to have a successful career in medical sales, but once her and her husband decided to have a baby, this career was no longer going to work for her stay-at-home mom lifestyle.  Here’s the steps Jenn took to create her personal brand…

  1. She made a decision to start a new business. Jenn wanted a business she could do from home, suited her passions, yet was flexible enough to work within her family’s schedule.
  2. Knew she wanted to be a fashion stylist, wardrobe consultant and blogger, so she scheduled a one-on-one consultation with Your Marketing BFF to start her brand discovery.

Note: Brand Discovery is about figuring out what you want to do, writing down a vision and personal brand statement (what you do, who you serve – your ideal client), setting goals, selecting a niche and becoming a master of your domain. Once you flush all this out, it’s time to create your unique brand.

  1. We created the Sincerely Jenn brand TOGETHER. This is always a collaboration between the client and us, in order to authentically create a unique brand style and visual voice.

Once we know what a client wants to do, who they are and what their ideal client wants, we are able to get it on paper and online.

For Jenn (and any client), we start with marketing materials you should develop for your brand. Jenn started with our Personal Brand PackageThis package consists of the following elements that you can use to highlight your brand and allow people to quickly and easily view what you’re all about.

  1. Custom logo/identity
  2. Custom Business Card
  3. Brand elements selected (colors, fonts, pattern, design)
  4. Photo Selection for the ‘face’ of your brand (we choose from your photos or stock photos, if needed)
  5. Brand Board
  6. One-on-One Consultation with yours truly

We also developed:

  1. Blog/Website
  2. Facebook Cover Profile

Sincerely Jenn Business Card DesignSincerely Jenn Blog DesignSincerely Jenn Facebook Cover Design

What’s next?

After spending the time to develop and showcase the Sincerely Jenn brand to the world, we continue to communicate and collaborate; providing tips, strategies and on-going monitoring as the brand progresses and grows.

For us, we don’t end at the getting started or finished design stages…the joy comes from walking alongside our clients/friends, cheering and supporting them as they navigate their journey towards personal and professional success.

Jenn is truly the peanut butter to my jelly! It’s been an honor to have met and had this opportunity to walk with her! Cheers to a lifetime of success.

Are you in the process of starting a new business, restarting or looking for an updated, fresh modern brand? Send me an email tana@yourmarketingbff.com to get the conversation started…and see if we click!

And, if you need wardrobe styling services, Jenn is your girl.  She has helped me step up my own fashion style (without breaking the bank) – and we all know I need LOTS of help in this department, haha.

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