{Marketing Tips} Good Product Photography and Videography is key to sales

(Source: Beba Photography)

Did you know that good product shots and videos can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity?

Good product shots can also be the difference between being picked to be featured in a blog, magazine, TV show or stocked in a shop/boutique…or not!

And when a large portion of your sales rely on showcasing products online to attract prospective customers, creating gorgeous products isn’t enough!

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Do poorly lit and grainy product shots make you want to part with your hard earned cash?

As an editor or show producer, would you swoon with delight?

Of course not, that’s why you need to understand that good product photography and/or videos are essential if you want to be successful.

So, what are your options, especially when you’re on a tight budget? Here are three:

  1. Barter with a professional photographer or videographer.
  2. Rely on the kindness of a friend who just happens to be a good amateur photographer or videographer.
  3. Learn to take good shots or footage yourself.  There’s a lot of great information to be had online to help you (for free).  Here’s one that I found on food & light photography that’s amazing!

Write this down, this is key:

There is no point in having the most fantastic product that you’ve made if you can’t show just how fantastic it is!

Here’s a couple of product shots by some small businesses that understand this marketing concept well – and why they inspire others to buy!

Valentine’s Day Kid Party from A to Zebra Celebrations
Photos by Beba Photography
Pretty shirts from The Lucky Princess
Headbands from Vintage Rose Wraps
Bracelets from Miss Coco Designs

Remember, not all of your prospective customers will be able to see your products in the flesh, more likely it will be on a site, in a magazine or video. So take every opportunity to showcase your products well and make a sale!



Photos courtesy (and copyright) by A to Zebra Celebrations and Beba Photography


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