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Our ‘entrepreneur-in-training’ teenage daughter learned an important lesson this week:

How to create a flyer that resonates with your ideal client and ATTRACTS them to you/your biz (and has them calling you)!

The Law of Client Attraction.

When your image and marketing message SPEAKS DIRECTLY to your ideal client they are drawn to it and it starts pulling them towards you.

How does this work?

Basically you have to interest and educate your ideal client prospect using ‘words’ and ‘images’ that resonate with them.  This technique is what PULLS them in and gets them to want to work with you.

The key to ALL effective PULL marketing materials…

When someone reads your materials, they know ‘what you REALLY DO, ‘who you are’ and ‘what they need to do’.

The idea is to get your ideal client to take action just from your flyer (card, menu, website, email or whatever marketing tool you’re using)!

Another key…

ANYTHING representing your brand needs to be CONSISTENT with YOUR brand/image EXPERIENCE!!!!

So let’s look at Lexie’s original babysitter flyer. (main image on the left above)

  • Does it say what she really does? YES, babysitting.
  • Does it say who she is? Sort of. It’s basic/vanilla ‘stuff’ and lacking her personality.
  • Does it say what the reader needs to do? Yes, call me.

Lexie’s original flyer would educate her ideal client but it’s lacking the INTEREST and WORDS that would resonate and PULL her prospective client to read AND ultimately call her.

Remember, this could be her ideal client’s FIRST IMPRESSION of her/her biz…so she needed to do it RIGHT…and make sure it:


Here’s Lexie’s final babysitter flyer (minus her real phone number):

Babysitter Flyer_printable

Why is this final flyer successful?

Speaks directly to her ideal client: a parent.

  • a fun babysitter who cares (this is important to a kid AND the parents)
  • experience in this area (important to know that your kids aren’t going to be her ‘first test drive’)
  • loves what she is doing (it’s more than just a paycheck)
  • here’s EXACTLY how you can reach me.
  • the price (there’s no guessing or awkwardness – I hated this and so do LOTS of parents!)

Conveys her image visually.

  • Header ‘words’ that form a positive mental picture in the prospects mind.
  • Catchy image. (This is Lexie – ponytail, likes fashion, confident, fun)
  • Quick and to-the-point bullet points. (that resonate with parents of young kids)
  • Call to action. (and take away phone number for ease)
  • Clear terms of service.

It gets the phone to ring (or ding)!

And that my friend is “How to create a flyer that resonates with your ideal client and ATTRACTS them to you/your biz”.

Need more convincing?

Ask yourself – if both flyers were posted side-by-side, which one would you choose to take action on?

Now go look at your own marketing materials. Do they attract and PULL your ideal client to take action with you? If not, fix ‘em!!!


Do you have a budding young entrepreneur who is looking to promote their babysitting services?

This PRINTABLE PDF, perfect for creating your own ‘Personalized Babysitter Flyer’, is available for $4.99 in our shop!


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