Instagram strategy to grow your likes and followers

Your Marketing BFF InstagramHave you started using Instagram? Have you thought about adding this social media platform, but feel like you just can’t add ONE MORE thing to your plate? I finally decided to take the leap a few months ago and am so glad I did.


It opened up my world to so many creative, talented people…and because it’s a ‘quick’ visual space, I love the freedom to glance into peoples’ personal/professional lives and feel inspired in minutes!

My humble beginning: I started a personal Instagram (IG) account a little over a year ago – at the time I thought I would keep ONE social media space strictly personal. I have to be honest, I posted 16 images in 35 weeks and pretty much never participated in the community.  Then in December (2013), frustrated with Facebook and how they were facilitating business pages, I decided to turn my personal IG space into a business one. And I have to say, I’m totally digging it!

How to get noticed when you’re a little fish in a big pond!

Technically I’m still a newbie (aka ‘little fish’), but I have been able to learn a great Instagram strategy on how to get noticed by some of the ‘big fish’ (highly popular IG accounts)…and thus, wanted to share with you!

A month ago I did a blog post titled DIY Coffee Cup Wrappers. Then I took to my IG account and instagrammed this photo below along with the comment citing my inspiration muses Taylor Sterling (54k followers) of The Glitter Guide (157k followers) and Whitney English (16k followers) of The Day Designer (2300 followers).

Instagram Strategy to grow likes and followers

A few amazing things happened…

  1. Both Whitney and Taylor/Glitter Guide personally commented on this post see below – which made my heart sing ‘thank you ladies’.  
  2. A number of their followers were introduced to me – I ended up with (65) likes and almost (20) new followers from this single post.
  3. I met some highly talented ‘new followers’ that I am now following + commenting on!

Glitter Guide and Whitney English Comment

This is just one Instagram strategy to grow your likes and followers, AND hopefully this inspires you to get out there and try it!

You might think I’m crazy, but after 20 years in marketing, I love the excitement of learning something new and the drive that comes along with being a ‘little fish’ swimming in a big pond…determined to get noticed!

Let me know if you try this strategy and how well it works for you!

Do you have a great IG strategy you can share with me/us? If you have a strategy on IG that has helped you grow your likes and followers, I’d love you to share it in the comments section below!

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  1. Great ideas! I just started on Instagram also…I don’t think I’m quite a little fish yet…just a guppy at this point. Thanks for the inspiration!

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