I’m currently obsessed with watercolor art!


Watercolor overlay cover by Your Marketing BFF

I’m currently obsessed with watercolor art!

Have you noticed the watercolor trend popping up on websites, lookbooks, product packaging, fabric patterns and marketing materials?

I especially love how watercolor overlays have made a huge play in the fashion world this year. The Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014 line featuring bright, colorful, floral prints took on a whole new visual experience when they added watercolor overlays to their photographs.

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014 watercolor overlaysLilly Pulitzer Spring 2014 watercolor overlays 2(Copyright Lilly Pulitzer)

I love having fun playing with color, texture and/or styles to create something uniquely your own – like the graphic design and layout I created for today’s cover image.

As with everything, incorporating your own style with a trend, makes it more personal.

Do you like the watercolor trend? We can help you create a unique logo, website elements, or enhance your photographs (and lookbooks). It’s always good to add a little oomph!


Cover image found here.
Graphic design and layout by Your Marketing BFF


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