How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest – The Easy Way

How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest The Easy Way I hate when businesses give poor instructions… are you with me?! In my opinion, Pinterest’s instructions on setting up Rich Pins are horrible for non-techy people. So —-

I’m going to show you an easy way to set up rich pins on Pinterest, but you have to have a WordPress blog in order to follow my 3 easy steps!

Are you wondering, “What in the heck is a rich pin?” Let me explain.

What are rich pins on Pinterest?

Rich Pins are pins saved on Pinterest that have extra information attached to the pin. With extra information like your website name and an icon displayed underneath the pin image, users are easily directed to the pin’s source (aka YOU)!

In a nutshell, rich pins typically drive a lot more traffic to your site! Bottom line? You need to do this.

How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest the Easy Way – In 3 Simple Steps

 Step 1: Install the Yoast SEO Plugin (free version)

If you haven’t set up Yoast SEO yet then do it!

Side note: Yoast SEO is my favorite SEO tool. Regardless if you become a rich pin or not, go snag it! You can read more of my thoughts about it HERE.

-Simply install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

-After Yoast is activated, go to YOAST > SEARCH APPEARANCE > CONTENT TYPES tab under Posts, make sure it says SHOW in the Yoast SEO Meta Box.  (I’d also make sure the SHOW in the Yoast SEO Meta Box  under Pages is on). This will enable the metadata needed for the Rich pin.

Step 2: Visit the ‘Rich Pin Validator’ page

Go to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator, and enter ANY blog post url from your site that is live (it cannot be the link to your homepage, and you only need one live blog post to get validated).

How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest The Easy Way_rich pin validator url

We recently did this for our sweet client, Katrina of The Morris Manor. We entered her blog post:  as a valid url, then clicked on the VALIDATE button.

 Step 3: Apply

After validating, you should see a message that says, “Congratulations! Your rich pins are approved and on Pinterest.

Here’s what Katrina’s looked like:

How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest The Easy Way_congrats

That’s it! Now you know how to set up rich pins on Pinterest the easy way. Go do it!

BTW: we received the approval in 3 seconds flat. Total time was less than 5 minutes, pretty easy, right?!



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    1. What?! You didn’t believe me (the headline), haha. So glad this was helpful! The Pinterest instruction way SUCKS big time.

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