DIY To-Do List Frame

DIY To Do List Frame

I have to confess…I’m not your typical designer.  I use my right brain, the domain of creativity, but I also use the analytical/rational left side as well.

Most people seem to be better at analysis and others at creating things.  I actually combine the two, which is why I created this DIY To-Do List Frame project for my own office…it’s analytical, with a lot of flexibility in terms of use!

I hope you enjoy this easy way to keep track of the ever-rotating list of things to do that we all have.

Here’s the DIY:

    1. Use either an 11×14 (with an 8 1/2×11 window opening) or an 8 ½ x 11 frame.
    2. Print this fun layout I designed here.

To Do List Design

  1. Place the printed design in a frame and voila.

I prefer to write my to-do’s directly on the glass with a dry-erase marker, but some might like to use post-its and move them around.

DIY To Do List Frame 2

You can wipe off the items on the list (or remove the post-its) once the task has been accomplished…so you can keep track of your progress.

I absolutely love how this came together, don’t you?! Enjoy.

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