{DIY} Large Moss Letter tutorial

I love large letters.   And with Easter/Spring coming up, this oversized moss letter tutorial is a great idea for your retail or window displays.

Pssst…this works great for all kinds of shapes such as; eggs, little chicks, a bunny rabbit, flowers, umbrella – for Spring showers, etc.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Draw your letter(s) onto a cardboard box –I like to print my letters out via the printer, then cut and trace them to pizza boxes!
  2. Cut your letter out using scissors or a box cutter.
  3. Start in one corner and place some hot glue on the cardboard and then place moss on top of the glue, covering your entire letter.  (Note: moss sheets work best)
  4. Flip your letter over and cover the backside with some hot glue and moss.

Want more pictures and step-by-step instructions?  Hop on over to Dear Lillie for their large “H” moss tutorial and step-by-step pictures.

A couple more images – for inspiration!

Send me pictures of your ‘moss’ displays – I would love to share them!



-Special thanks to Dear Lillie and inspired by charm for the beautiful images.

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