{Cool Designs} Business cards are an important element in your biz.

You have 3.5 x 2 inches of space to make an impact. Note: You’re not limited to this standard size, but sticking to standard sizes in printing = huge cost savings!

The importance of a good biz card…

-It’s typically the first impression and “window” that someone has of your business – so make it count!

-A memorable card can make the difference in being kept or thrown in the trash.

-To quickly educate a potential client of who you are, what you do and to attract them to do business with you.

I consider a business card to be the #1 marketing tool that you can have…that you must have!  You don’t need to spend a lot of money on cards necessarily, but a well-designed (or unique) card says A LOT about who you are!

I love the Beau Monde Interior Design business cards pictured above.  They were designed using a variety of background shapes used in interior design fabrics and wallpapers.  Very memorable in deed!

My frugal printing secret?

I use www.overnightprints.com to print my premium quality business cards (at a budget price)! Shhhh.



Beau Monde Interior Design by Victoria Macey.


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