{Booth Display} Stage it Like a Pro

Stella and Dot Tradeshow Booth5 tips to make your booth display stand out from the crowd and of course, on a budget!

Tip 1: Don’t be forced to use the venue’s WHATEVER backdrop color – this particular Arizona Women’s Expo show had a dark purple backdrop.

You can buy fabric, shower curtains or drapery panels that compliment or match your business image and décor.

Stella & Dot independent stylist Elisabeth Krakora told me she purchased these blue mimosa drapery panels from Z Gallerie…which matches Stella & Dot’s packaging to a T. Way to go girlfriend!

Tip 2: Avoid Clutter and Group Like Items. Uncluttered displays where merchandise is easily spotted and quickly purchased (if you’re selling your items at a show) helps capture a passerby’s attention and increase sales.

Tip 3: Make it Uniquely Yours. You want people to feel as though they just walked into your place of business. Set the stage, set the real-life experience and set the long-term relationship.

Tip 4: Good Signage/Branding. Most businesses make the mistake of using the ‘business name sign’ that the venue supplies. These are hard to read, don’t reflect you or your business and are simply ick – so don’t do it!

Take a cue from Elisabeth…frame your business name/logo and give it center stage on your backdrop.

Tip 5: Think like Your Marketing BFF pro. I’m all about style (and ease) on a budget! I’d upload my business name/logo design to my local Costco photo center and print my design as an 11 x 14 photo for $2.99. Luckily I don’t do things last minute but if I did, I could have it printed and ready in an hour! Simply drop this photo image into an 11×14 frame. Voila!

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