{Biz Spotlight} Bijou…a gem of a little salon


Are you FULLY AWARE of who you are and the client that best suits you/your biz?

If so, you can start crafting an overall image that gets you noticed, is MEMORABLE, and makes you lots of money.

Memorable is…

Critical, extraordinary, impressive, lasting, mind-blowing, superior, striking, unforgettable, exciting, powerful, well-known, adored, busy, and a money-maker.

Don’t you want your business to be memorable? Of course you do.

And this month, I wanted to share with you Bijou Salon and Day Spa, a full service trendy salon/spa in the heart of Skaneateles Village (NY)…’loads of personality’ style that’s truly memorable!

Bijou’s image is Cozy. Whimsical. Elegant.

The moment you walk through the door, you feel like you’ve been transported into a joyful oasis that is warm, inviting, and rejuvenating… instantly the stress of the day begins to melt away!

Bijou Get’s It.

Bijou has crafted an image that gets them noticed, attracts their ideal client and makes them money.  Here’s some of the Cozy and Whimsical inspired details:

Logo. The Bijou name is written in a whimsical font and is enveloped in a swirly frame reminiscent of France.

Tagline. A tagline is a MEMORABLE, easily RECOGNIZABLE phrase that sums up the belief of your (brand) name.  It should be an aid to recall as well as reinforcement.

Bijou means ‘jewel’ in French and ‘a small and elegant little gem’ in English. The tagline is “a gem of a little salon”. (I just love it!)

Atmosphere. It’s cozy and comfortable with bold colors and patterns that are playful. Whimsical hand-painted murals on walls, polka dot patterned fun and laid-back furniture, and somewhat ‘funky’ non-standard use for certain items (like the black hand statue in the nails section).

Retail Shop. It’s loaded with colorful and IMPULSIVE ‘fun’ items to buy such as Mr & Mrs. Survival Kits, Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bags, Pampered Princess jewelry and Sweet Dreams Cupcake Bubble Bath.

Kim Baker’s vision for the salon was to create a space that exudes a feeling of “comfort, tranquility and elegance with a big flourish of whimsy.”

By george, I think she’s got it! Congrats Kim/Bijou Salon and Day Spa.


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Photo Souce: Bijou Salon

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