{Advice} Do YOU Get A Thumbs Up?

My poor family.

They are always listening to me rant from my marketing soapbox…

“that receptionist shouldn’t be chewing gum, it is so unprofessional” and “this restaurant is going through an identity crisis – they don’t know whether they want to be chinese, a steakhouse or bakery.” (I kid you not!)

And now I have to say – I’ve rubbed off on them.

We even ‘score’ businesses (and services) with a thumbs up, first-rate or a thumbs down, not worthy.

Would you get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? 

Trust me people – everyone is watching and scoring you. All the time.

And yes –  we all make mistakes at one time or another (that’s how most of us learned, er—like yours truly) but ultimately YOU have to care about what your customer sees in your business.

If my 10 year old can see the flaws…what about your existing and prospective clients?

So you know those things that have been bothering you lately?

  • A lackluster website or Facebook page – or any of your marketing tools!
  • No identity or multiple identities (like the restaurant above).
  • The chipped paint on the walls.
  • The employee who YELLS across the floor (while clients are all around), or reeks like cigarette smoke – now isn’t that a pleasant experience. OH MY!

Should I go on?!

  • The inch of dust on everything – that you ignore but the client doesn’t.
  • The uncomfortable furniture in the waiting area.
  • A receptionist who barely cuts it.
  • The less than 15% in retail sales.
  • The unbearable ‘feast and famine’ marketing rollercoaster that you keep finding yourself on.

You get the point.

My BFF Advice:


It’s up to you to earn a big THUMBS UP!

So there you have it.

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