A Few of my Favorite Fun Fonts


You can have a lot of fun with fonts now a days!

Fonts are perfect for branding, social media, blog post signatures, product design, invites, main image advertising, and so much more!

A classy or fun font can add that extra WOW to anything that you do.

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite fun fonts and examples of how you can use them for your own blog and social media channels.

Let’s get started…

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Spring Vibes is a handwritten floral font that comes in three styles; a feminine handwritten font, a calligraphy style and an elegant script font. Perfect for signatures, Instagram, quotes and more.

And it comes with a nice BONUS – decorative botanical elements and wreaths. They are perfect for decoration of your monograms, logos, cosmetics packaging and much more.

Audrey is a feminine, but slightly edgy and fun handwritten script font. This font stands perfectly on its own for logos and quotes, or works great paired with an all caps serif or sans serif.

The Summer Loving Font is all about throwing on some shades and getting summer ready! This font has a paintbrush detail. There’s no need to spend hours creating your own hand-painted letters, just type these right onto your project!

Introducing the new Signature Collection script font! A fashionable and super-chilled new handwriting font script with some sexy stylish extras. This font was created to look as close to a natural handwritten script as possible.

The Stay Classy Font Duo consists of a sophisticated signature-style script, and an elegant, classy, all-caps serif font. With impeccably refined curves and silky smooth edges, the Stay Classy Font Duo is perfect for adding a classy, modern touch to your projects.

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Each of these fun fonts can be purchased inexpensively by clicking on the individual links below:

Spring Vibes I Audrey I Summer Loving I Signature Collection I Stay Classy


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  1. You just opened my eyes to fonts that I would have never considered. I post inspirational posters on my Instagram account a lot but the fonts were always the same. I will be making my posts a lot more vibrant with these fonts you’re suggesting. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so glad that this helped you to look at using fonts differently. It’s easy + inexpensive to add some fun fonts to your mix. xo

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