7 Top Sponsored Post Networks – to join for Paid Blogging Opportunities

7 Sponsored Post Networks To Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities

Would you like to write some sponsored blog posts – posts that you get paid for? If yes, you’re in luck because today I’m sharing 7 top sponsored post networks to join for paid blogging opportunities!

What is a sponsored post network?

A sponsored post network is a company that connects brands with influencers/bloggers who can help promote their brand/products.

Once you’ve signed up as a blogger for a sponsorship network, you (the influencer/blogger) will receive sponsored post blogging opportunities to apply for. It’s a great way to work with some brands and earn some income from your blog!

Note: Sponsored posts are one of the five ways I talked about how to make money with a blog.

How to join a sponsorship network?

Each sponsorship network has different criteria and requirements that your blog needs to meet. For example, some networks require you to have a certain amount of followers before you can apply.

Most times, you will fill out a profile detailing all of your information for things like; your social media channels, follower counts, engagement information, contact info, etc.

7 Top sponsored post networks to join for Paid Blogging Opportunities

I’m all about making your life easier! So here’s my list of the 7 Top sponsored post networks to join for paid blogging opportunities.

  1. Real Clever.

Clever is one of my favorite platforms. It has a clean dashboard and pretty straight-forward instructions for each campaign. The only downside is that the payout period is 60 days after the campaign ends.

2. Linqia.

Linqia is GREAT if you’re in the parenting/lifestyle blog niche. After your first campaign, depending on your reach/previous performance, the pay can be pretty good. The pay is based on a pay-per-click scale.

3. Tap Influence.

Tap Influence is very well organized, but they can be a little slow getting started on providing you with offers. If you sign up and don’t get any offers, reach out to a contact there, introduce yourself, ask for insights, etc. Be proactive and you’ll get the ball rolling!

4. Acorn.

I REALLY like Acorn because they will work with bloggers/influencers of all levels! They also connect bloggers with some really big brands like Johnson&Johnson, P&G, Kraft, NBC Universal, and Nickelodeon.

5. Blog Meets Brand.

Blog Meets Brand is another really good blog network that can connect you with some great brands. And their sign up is really easy – simply enter your name, email, and a password to get started before proceeding to the usual profile creation.

Once you’re active, brands can seek you out. If you have a well-defined niche and an active blog with a large following, you’ll do quite well.

6. Aspire IQ.

Aspire IQ is one of the best networks for paid blogging jobs on Instagram! Most opportunities allow you to input your desired pay as well as what you are interested in doing for the brand, such as an Instagram post, blog post, etc.

7. Izea .

Izea is one of the largest networks and has opportunities for virtually any niche. They not only work with bloggers, but YouTubers, Instagrammers, photographers, etc. They work with some really big brands like Target, The Home Depot, Mercedes Benz, Mattel, Alaska Airlines and HGTV, just to name a few.

Depending on the type of content you produce, they can also connect you with publishers and brands looking for sponsored posts or other content.

Note: If you sign up for a free plan and haven’t received any offers. Give the $1 per month plan a try and you might see a direct offer for an incredible campaign perfect for you in 2-3 weeks!

There’s other networks for paid blogging jobs out there too. Just know… even if you sign up for a few, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get opportunities right away. I’d suggest signing up for a few because you never know when some great paid blogging opportunities will pop up for you and your niche!

Something to keep in mind… brands aren’t always looking for bloggers with the largest following, instead they might be looking for a different market or a specific geographical area (location).

I hope my list of the 7 Top sponsored post networks to join for paid blogging opportunities has been helpful! Anything to make things easier for you to understand, search and apply for paid opportunities is a good thing.


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    1. What a kind compliment, thank you. I try to get to directly to the point and not talk around subject matters! haha

  1. Thank you so much Tana! I learn something from you every single time I visit – and it’s always something really useful! ? I so seriously appreciate all the work you do to help the rest of us out! Happy New Year my friend!

    1. THANK YOU for reading Barbara! I love sharing/teaching – it makes my heart happy! Happy New Year friend and may you continue to have many blessings. xoxo

  2. Thanks for this post! I am just getting started and want to do sponsored posts, this gives me a good place to start! I am so happy I found this post.

    1. I’m so glad you found us! And I’m happy and excited for your upcoming “sponsored post” blog adventures.

  3. Thank you for this post. I’m a new blogger with little following and much lesser time to devote to my website. But I’m working really hard to have the site sustainable. Thank you!

    1. So glad that you found me… you’ll find lots of useful info + how-to’s for new bloggers. Enjoy!

  4. I have an unusual problem. I have a high number of agents asking to provide sponsored posts for my website.. They want to know my rates and all that. To be sincer l have only used adsense till date. I know how sponsored post works but have no idea on pricing or if it is a good fit for my site though l need the money.would love your advice on how to proceed

    1. First off, Adsense is a waste of time, you really don’t make anything and it’s a HUGE annoyance/disruption to your readers. This is a good post to give you a pricing model idea: https://yourmarketingbff.com/q-a-how-much-should-i-charge-for-a-sponsored-post/. Is it a good fit for your site? This is up to you. I ask myself, “Is this a value to my reader?” and if my answer is NO, then I don’t do it. You might answer NO, but it’s good money and I’m willing to do it… if so, it’s your business and you get to decide. Hope that helps! xo

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