7 Backdrop Ideas For Blog Photos under $20

Are you looking for some inexpensive backdrop ideas to use for your blog photography? If you want background ideas that will make your photos stand out on your blog, Pinterest or Instagram, I’ve got you covered! And they are all under $20!

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Here are 7 of my favorite backdrop ideas under $20

  1. Colored Walls and Doors

Colored Walls and Doors - backdrop ideas for blog photosColor Me Courtney

I have seen so many gorgeous photos using something that is totally free – colored walls and doors as photo backdrops! A great thing to do is go drive around your town and eye spy some fun wall colors and doors to do your next photo shoot in front of.

  1. White Foam Boards

Foam Board Backdrop ideas for blog photosLife on Virginia Street

This is one of the easiest ways to have a clean, white background for your photos. And it’s one of the cheapest too! I can usually pick one up for less than $5 at Walmart or your local craft store. These are light, easy to move around and a great light source.

  1. Blankets and Throws

Blanket Throw backdrop ideas for blog photosAmy and Jordan Demos

I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet that doesn’t have a blanket or throw somewhere in their house that they could use as a photo backdrop. Or you can buy a colorful Mexican blanket from Amazon for $19.   I just love the extra texture and pattern that a blanket or throw can add to your photos.

  1. Wooden Boards/Table Tops

Wooden boards or table top backdrop ideas for blog photosLife Created

I see a lot of gorgeous food photos shot on wooden backgrounds. I love the rustic texture and warmth that wooden backgrounds add to photos. A great tip: Go to Ikea’s as is section, I bought a large wooden background for $10

  1. Vinyl and Contact Paper

Contact Paper Vinyl backdrop ideas for blog photosPaper & Stitch

Did you know that you can purchase vinyl backdrops or contact paper quite inexpensively? There’s a lot of colors and texture choices to choose from, like wooden textures and marble! Ink and Elm is an Etsy shop that specializes in backdrops (and floordrops), they have several for $15.

Oh – and remember that Ikea wooden board I bought for $10 (idea #4)? One side I left the exposed wood, the other side I added marble contact paper from Amazon for $10. Pretty cool, right?!

  1. Colored Paper

Colored paper backdrop ideas for blog photosStudio DIY

There are lots of bloggers who use paper as a photo backdrop. Check out some pretty wrapping papers or use big sheets of colored paper (look at your local Dollar store). Colored paper adds some extra nice pops of color and fun to your photos.

  1. Fur

Fur rug blanket backdrop ideas for blog photosPaper & Stitch

Add some warmth and dimension to your photos by using a fur rug (or blanket). Best part? These are super light and roll up nicely when not in use. I bought a white, cozy fur rug from Ikea for $15

What are your favorite, inexpensive backdrop ideas for blog photos? Please share in the comments below.


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