12+ Logo Design Trends of 2014 – 2015

Cole Voss LogoIf you’re in the process of changing your logo design, or planning a re-fresh of your existing brand for your business, then you’ll love today’s post!

We’re showcasing some of the 2014-2015 top trends for business logos.


Typography based.

Typography Based Logos_Eleanor Finch and Marina Marina

Incomplete logo concept.

Gist Logo

Free-Flowing and hand-drawn sketches.

LA Creative Studio and The Urban Tap Logos

Letter stacks.

Rue Monge Logo by Your Marketing BFF

Motif with a recurring pattern or shape in the design.

BeeBank Development and Cycling Association Logos

Transparent overlays.

Radico Logo

Bold statements and colors.

CenterPoint Homes Logo

Crests and subtle texture of letters.

Urge Gastropub Logo

Black and white.

One of Twelve Logo

Geometric shapes.

Moxham Logo

Hidden symbolism.Sushi Logo

Negative space.

Camp Logo

Finding the balance of simple, function, size and precision.

Stock Logo

Decisions, decisions!  Should you have a graphic representation or symbol in your logo or not?  Well that’s entirely up to you. What’s your brands signature color(s)?  A color palette that you are consistent with is important for your brand to be recognized. Where will the logo primarily be used? Etc…

Do you need the help of a professional graphic designer?  Your Marketing BFF can help you create a logo design that is original and uniquely showcases you/your business.  Purchase a custom logo design in our shop here.


*All logos shown can be referenced at: pinterest.com/marketingbff/logos

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    1. Great reminder Conrad. In this day of more and more users viewing the internet through their mobile devices, simple design definitely wins! Thx for sharing/commenting.

  1. I find logos that make use of negative spaces, very fascinating. Using negative space to add hidden elements or message in the logo requires high level of creativity. The best example is, the pittsburgh zoo logo, which can also be classified as an optical illusion. Anyway, great post.

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