10–Minute Marketing :: Creating a Favicon

10 Minute Marketing creating a favicon

10-Minute Marketing is a quick, marketing action that you can start doing immediately. This is a way for you to start taking ACTION towards marketing your business with just 10 minutes of your time!

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Creating a Favicon (short for ‘favorites icon’)

Objective: To have an icon that is visually associated with your website.

A favicon is an icon associated with a website or webpage. When someone bookmarks your site or a page on your site, your icon will appear beside it. Web browsers use favicons in the URL bar, on tabs, and places like Pinterest (if you’re doing rich pins) to help identify a website visually…this is just one more way to market your sites image, content, and/or brand!

Favicon in url bar


1. Create a 16 x 16 pixels square image.

A favicon can be created using any graphics/image editing software. There are also online services that you can create one for free. It’s best to crop or add space around the image to make the image square.

Your Marketing BFF favicon

2. Go to www.favicon.cc

This will help you generate your favicon.

3. Upload the image you want.

Click on ‘Import Image’. Browse your computer and upload the image you want as your favicon. You can import a jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp or ico.

favicon cc upload

4. Preview and download your favicon.

This allows you to preview your image and make sure that everything looks right. If this is correct, click ‘download favicon’ and save it to your computer. You can open and view the actual size and/or save the favicon.ico image. Note: simple images work best. An image with a lot of detail can get lost due to the small size.

5. Now you have created your favicon.

You can either hand your favicon image over to someone to install it for you in your hosting cpanel or do it yourself, which is a little more advanced.

Create a favicon for your website and you’ll have a great visual for others to identify you and your brand!


FYI: Here’s an example of a favicon (the Your Marketing BFF favicon) being displayed within Pinterest’s Rich Pin – do you see how having a favicon can really help you stand out from others?!

Favicon in pinterest rich pins

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