Why Creating an Email List Should Be On Your Priority To-Do List?

Why creating an email list should be on your priority to do list

“Email list — insignificant spam messages usually read by no one and trashed by everyone.”

Perhaps, this is one of the crazy misconceptions that holds you back and why you haven’t considered growing an email list in the first place.

Well news flash: This is absolutely untrue! And why creating an email list should be on your priority to-do list!

Some bloggers skip this step of creating an email list due to thinking that email lists would just be a waste of time, money, and effort. When in fact, choosing to ignore creating an email list, you are actually denying your business an amazing strategy for increasing website traffic and revenue.

Don’t make the same mistakes that they did. Your mailing list is actually your gateway towards prospective clients. Failing to create an email list means you’re closing your doors to an opportunity of growth and money!

Best advice? Create one now.

Below are the top 5 reasons why creating an email list should be on your priority to-do list:

1. It’s Direct.

Can you imagine getting in touch with your people WHENEVER you want? When you have your own email list, you absolutely can!

An email list is the only direct way, that you own, to get in contact with your followers. It’s the best way to nurture your relationship with them and let them know what you offer.

And unlike social media and its many algorithm changes, email directly connects you with your followers (and prospective buyers) through their inbox. Hence, making it more effective in reaching your customers.

2. It’s Personal.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a message specially written for you? That is just one of the most thoughtful and the most personal way to interact and exchange information with your followers.

With an email list you’re able to build deeper connections with your subscribers and make a bigger impact in their lives.

Our personal emails aren’t something that we just give to everyone. Hello – do you want a gazillion of non-sense emails in your inbox? Of course not. Instead you want to receive emails that you value.

Let’s be honest…

People only give up their emails in exchange for something valuable to them. So remember, when people subscribe to your list, they are saying that your content is worth it.

3. You Own It!

You own your email lists! Email lists put you in the driver’s seat over how you are going to tell everyone about your blog/business. You have 100% control on the message, the content and to whom you will exclusively send your information to.

You don’t own your followers on social media, the platforms do, plus you have no other information aside from their username. With social media you’re putting your business in the hands (and mercy) of algorithms and their own businesses success, hoping that your posts get shown in a feed.

If your email service provider shuts down for any reason, you can download a spreadsheet of names + email addresses and easily migrate your list elsewhere.

Since you own your email list, you are free to express how and what you want to spread… and anytime that YOU want!

BFF tip: Use social media and new tools to grow your email list, not replace it!

4. Higher Conversion Rates.

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that take action on what you want them to. It generally refers to how many people end up becoming your customers or clients.

The conversion rates on emails are higher that any other platform out there. Here’s some stats:

  • When you post on social media, roughly 1-3% of your audience will engage with your post.
  • When you send an email, roughly 30% of your subscribers will read it, and
  • 2-3% of those subscribers who open your emails will convert into customers.

In a nutshell, if you post the exact same offer on your blog, Instagram and in an email, you’ll get the most sales and buyers from your email guaranteed.

BFF tip: Focus on growing your email list, if you want to earn an income online.

5. It’s Your #1 Asset!

As mentioned earlier, each visitor is valuable to you and once they subscribe to your email list you have the foundation for a thriving, resilient business! And no one can take your email list away from you, but you can take it anywhere.

Can you imagine having a big pool of potential customers and clients listening to you and ready to buy from you?

The key is in growing and nurturing your community. At the end of the day, people want to feel seen and understood. So if you put time and energy into people (not just grow a list), you’ll make them feel a part of your community, not just a number.

And if you give value to the people that you care about and want to support and help, you will create a business that is successful, touches lives and earns you a really healthy income.

Growing an email list should be first on your to-do list and never be neglected. It serves as your gateway to a thriving online business. It’s direct, it’s personal, it converts, and above all, YOU OWN IT – it’s your greatest asset as a business owner!

Now that you have my top 5 reasons of why creating an email list should be on your priority to-do list, the best way to realize the importance is to create an email list NOW.

Hopefully, you are motivated to get started or more serious about growing your email list. If you have any questions, feel free to message us or comment below your thoughts.


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