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“Give your life away to change this world and God will change you…for the best.” – Palmer Chinchen

As bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives…we possess talents, skills, and abilities that can be used to literally change the world.

And I believe that when we step out of our comfort zone to do hard things, our souls are awakened and EVERYTHING around us seems more vibrant and alive.

Today, I’d like to inspire you to give meaning and happiness to your life and others around you.

It Starts With Go.

Giving your life away to love desperate people was Jesus’ idea.  In Luke 10:30, He illustrated his expectation by telling of a man who was beaten down, robbed, and left to die.  His challenge was to stop – stop and love as He loved.

And here’s where it begins – with you and me.

Change by The Shine Project

We’re going to make a difference and change the world!

We’re using a portion of this month’s income from Your Marketing BFF to support a special cause, The Shine Project.

The Shine Project is all about changing the world. It’s about going out of your comfort zone to bring light to those who need hope.

Because of you, Your Marketing BFF exists as it is today and makes it possible to go make a difference for someone else. I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reading, sharing, commenting, emailing or buying our products/services.

When you invest in your success through our blog, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support others.

Want to give meaning and happiness to your life?

The Shine Project recently launched a new company called Threads – they make beautiful bracelets (like the ‘Lucky Stack’ you see me wearing in the main image above). Your purchase helps give at risk youth a job and allows them to pay their way through college. You can shop here, support the cause, and let the world see you SHINE.

Threads Wear Change

Psst – these make amazing Mother’s Day Gifts and/or a special THANK YOU to an incredible client!!!

I want to personally thank Ashley, the blogger and founder of The Shine Project, for going out of her comfort zone, in order to GO and SHINE light in this world! You can follow Ashley’s blog here.

*Change and Threads images via The Shine Project.


Local Phoenix Ladies: I’d like to share an upcoming night of pampering…all in the name of charity! There’s a limited number of tickets available, so go buy yours NOW!

Annual Shine Project Beauty Bar Event

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