Trade show Inspiration: Snow & Graham

snow and graham trade show booth Javits Center for the New York International Gift FairWelcome to Trade Show Inspiration, where you can share in my love for marketing, design + trade show spaces.  I hope you become inspired to take your booth space up a notch!

blogpostseparatorIt’s always good to create your booth design as an extension of your personal brand! Which is why I wanted to share this inviting “shop” by Snow & Graham (S&G) at the Javits Center for the New York International Gift Fair.

Here’s a few words from S&G about their booth:

-I focused on what inspired the S&G designs; putting up color chips, photos and initial sketches of the new and featured patterns.

-I always try to embrace our booth design as an opportunity to share a new perspective on S&G designs and products.

-I wanted to have our booth inspire customers.

-We used the S&G “family” as our silhouette models.

– The green walls were inspired by our new Daisy wrapping paper.

snow and graham trade show booth silhouettessnow and graham trade show booth paper daisies

I personally like the fresh shock of color and large paper daisy’s to signal a welcome reminder that spring was not so far off!

Special thanks to Snow & Graham for our latest trade show inspiration!


Sources + Photo Credits: Snow and Graham

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