Trade show Inspiration: Willow Lane Photography Part III

Willow Lane Photography Bridal Fantasy Show Booth 3

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This week is the final post on a three part series showing you how one business, Willow Lane Photography, has ‘refreshed’ their existing booth space to appeal to a trade show at a different time of the year.

For this September 2013 show (image above), they decided to change the booth up a bit from their January 2012 booth (the blue, winter-inspired theme). This involved making it super girly and romantic this time around…

Willow Lane Photography Trade Show Booth 2013

-changing up the colors from blue to pink
-rebuilding the walls because they had seen better days
-branch trees reprised their role from the first booth
-white curtains with scalloped edges were added
-the same white desk (seen in all three booths) but placed on a different wall
-a beautiful white fireplace was added
-the stumps and couch were gone
-a stunning dining table with chairs for two were added
-soft white and pink flowers were the accents
-a white nightstand (with white baskets) was added to the front corner
-a new ‘enter to win’ deal on a chalkboard

Willow Lane Photography Trade Show Booth Space 2013

I love how they easily transitioned from a booth with a soft gray/white palette, to a soft blue/white (winter theme), to this pink, girly romantic theme by reusing some past details, adding a few new ones and changing the colors.

Keep in mind – you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply add a few things, change out a few things, introduce a different color palette and you’ll have a FRESH booth space that appeals to a variety of seasons, venues, and time of year.

Did you miss parts one and two of the Willow Lane Photography booth series? Here they are:

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2. Willow Lane Photography Booth – soft blue/white, winter-inspired theme

Willow Lane Photography Trade Show Booth Designs

Source: Willow Lane Photography



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