Trade show Inspiration: Renee Sprink Photography

Renee Sprink Photography Bridal Booth

Welcome to Trade Show Inspiration, where you can share in my love for marketing, design + trade show spaces.  I hope you become inspired to take your booth space up a notch!

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Renee Sprink of Renee Sprink Photography understands her ideal client…

“My bride is classic and believes in tradition; she loves all things girly.”

With Renee’s ideal client in mind, she set out to showcase her photography talents with a booth that was feminine, warm, inviting, and yet a bit modern.

Renee’s entire brand is designed to have a fashion vibe yet be very southern – think Sex & the City comes down South – and therefore needed her booth to reflect that.

We think Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!

Renee Sprink Photography Bridal Booth 2Renee Sprink Photography Bridal Booth Seating AreaRenee Sprink Photography Bridal Booth TableRenee Sprink Photography Bridal Booth Space

Added Bonus: Renee’s ‘thinking’ behind-the-booth space…

-A white backdrop would make my images pop; it’s classic and “editorial”.

-Pairing flirty linens on the cocktail tables that even looked a bit like a “dress” would attract brides that relate to me/my style…and repel those who would be better suited for another style of photographer!

-A ‘welcoming’ seating area helps establish a relationship with clients. I wanted them to come in, sit down, look at albums, and feel comfortable having a long conversation with us.  This would allow us to get to know a bit about her, her fiancée and their wedding plans. People like to buy from people they like and that personal connection makes them feel like we’re friends.

-Displaying large, gorgeous images taken in recognizable venues, would help potential brides see themselves in those same images.

-I didn’t want to appeal to price shoppers so I had a postcard with some very basic information on it (with links to my website and blog, but no pricing) that they could take with them. I wanted them to see my work, learn more about me and fall in love with who I am and what I do – once that happens, they find the money to commission me for their wedding.

-Collect their contact information and stay in touch with them after the show.

Kudos to Renee for creating a non-typical booth space that really made her business memorable. And for making a personal connection with those in attendance + other show vendors who are now a good referral source!


*Photos courtesy of Renee Sprink Photography.

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