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Magnifique trade show bridal booth

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There’s two things I really love… frugality and creativity! Which is why I love the ingenuity of Terra Cooper of Magnifique Photography.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember when we featured this Magnifique Photography bridal show booth (below):

Magnifique bridal trade show booth
This was a perfect example of finding inspiration from something in your life, something as simple as a fruit stand, and running with it! (Want to see more photos of this bridal show booth? Go here.)

This go around Terra changed things up and went a little bit more shabby chic with:

Magnifique trade show bridal booth shabby chic

-lighter colors of yellow, orange, blue, silver and white.
-a metal arbor with a canopy of blue and white streamers + lights – providing an added elegance that you don’t see in most booth spaces.
-she reused her previous signage: the business name/logo made of vinyl on a metal plate.
-a backdrop wall showcasing photo’s placed to metal frames using magnets – LOVE THIS!
-a variety of colored papers and patterns placed within an old, shabby window frame.
-paper flowers created and seen throughout the space give added charm.
-a trunk (aka ‘hope chest’) was reused, but with a new seat cushion.
-two ladders were used to create colorful, patterned shelving to hold a variety of images and decorations. I love how photos were framed and individually hung from the rungs of the ladder that faced walking traffic.

Such a great mix of using items that she already had, with a few new items, to create a fresh shabby chic look and experience. Frugality and creativity at its best!

I’m feeling inspired, are you feeling inspired?!


**Special thanks to Terra Cooper Wedding Photographer for these amazing photos and inspiration.

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