Trade show Inspiration: Lauren Rosenau Photography

Lauren Rosenau Photography Trade Show Booth Winner

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I can totally see why Lauren Rosenau Photography won the Bridal Showcase 2014 Best Booth Award.  It was as if you were nestled in a quaint home – rather than a trade show venue.

Here’s a few things that I love about this trade show booth…

-Innovation, creativity, and beauty sums up this photographer’s style.
-The lighter colors (yellow/gold, peach, white) and scripted logo represent her branding.
-The stream of lights convey an indoor/outdoor ‘intimate’ feel and party atmosphere.
-Crepe paper flowers personally crafted by Lauren herself (always love a good diy’er)
-Instant credibility. A large scaled magazine poster showcased some press they received in Charlotte Wedding magazine.
-Amazing details such as the furniture, a drink cart, digital media, garland, and everyday life items that added additional elegance to the space.
-Walls showcasing her photography pulling everything into one cohesive theme and story.

Lauren Rosenau Photography Boothtrade show booth detailsCrepe Paper FlowersI love how Lauren says on her website “You’re not a checklist. You’re a unique story waiting to be told through imagery, and each photograph is a paragraph of your story.”

Her booth was a reflection of her/her business – a unique story told through imagery and real life details.
All I can say is…  Well Done!!!


*All photos courtesy of The Bridal Showcase NC.

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  1. That looks amazing. How did she manage to get the walls like that, and not just the black drapes? I want to have my booth look like a kids room. Any ideas? Thanks, A

    1. Many will create framing styled walls – much like a builder does in a home. You should be able to find some videos/how-to’s on Youtube. Best of luck!

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