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Welcome to Trade Show Inspiration, where you can share in my love for marketing, design + trade show spaces.  I hope you become inspired to take your booth space up a notch!

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It’s no question, so many booth spaces are lacking personality.  But Figlewicz Photography isn’t one of them!

Casey and Andrea Figlewicz designed a booth space that was a reflection of themselves…and their home. Best part? We’ve got interview questions and lots of lovely photos to share.

So take your time, jot down some ideas, and start creating a booth space that will showcase your personality (and brand) in 2014!

stuff from home_cabbage patchLove this cabbage patch + all the items from home: suitcases, lanterns, plantsstuff from home_lanterns and plantsstuff from home_chairs and suitcasesFiglewicz Photography Brochure_Bridal BoothIt’s a great idea to have your brochure/price booklet laid out amongst your art.Figlewicz Photography_Bridal Booth DisplayOld Fashion Candy Sticks to giveawayFree food is always a hit. And old fashioned candy sticks remind me of yesteryear.

Interview with Casey and Andrea Figlewicz

1. What inspired your design for your booth?
“The design is a reflection of pieces from our home. We really wanted the booth to feel genuine and comfortable. I don’t think anyone enjoys being at a full blown bridal show. It can be very overwhelming. So our booth was designed to escape the sale pitches and fast pass of a bridal show. The main inspiration was just us being who we are.”

2. Do you think it reflects your brand and style of photography?
“Yes, the booth definitely reflects our brand because our brand is us. I think our logo and brochures work well too because Casey and I worked hard with others designing them. Everyone always tries to put a label on their photography but we try to stay away from that. We are not vintage photographers which I think most would label our booth as. I would label my booth as cozy and homey. We love that our photos pop off that back drop with lots of color, emotion, and details.”

3. What are the must-haves for your booth?
“I always try to have a sitting area, standing area, and a location for people just passing by. We put up a lot of photos and have a slide show playing –that way people can see our work without having to talk to us (which most trade show people would say is stupid). But I really want a bride to get a feel for our photography and to not feel like we are trying to ‘sell’ her something.”

4. What type of marketing/promotional materials did you use? (ex. business cards, brochures, signage, etc)
“Business cards, a treat to hand out with our card attached, brochures, and we have a logo on a 3 foot canvas. We also collect brides info on a sign up sheet.”

5. Did your booth attract a lot of people to visit?
“Our booth attracts a lot of brides and a lot of other vendors at the show. I also get a lot of people asking us to create a booth for them or design their wedding details.”

6. Did you stand out from your competition?
“I do think we stand out for a couple different reasons. One is that we are always there right at the beginning. We want to have ample time to set up. We also really try extremely hard to not sound like car salesmen. We obviously want to book weddings. But we would rather start at having a connection with the couple and them knowing that we are the exact photographer they want.”

Be sure to check out more stunning photography of their bridal booth here!


What’s always fascinating to me is when we come up with a look vastly different than what the client thought they wanted initially. This is part of the fun for me — to see if I can show a client something they didn’t know they wanted until they saw it!


Photography by Figlewicz Photography. Interview by Nooncreative.



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