Trade show Inspiration: DIY Fresh Flower Wall

DIY Fresh Flower WallWelcome to Trade Show Inspiration, where you can share in my love for marketing, design + trade show spaces. I hope you become inspired to take your booth space up a notch!

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This fresh flower wall isn’t exactly a booth – but it would be the start to an amazingly beautiful one! And guess what? It’s a DIY by Green Wedding Shoes.

Here’s their simple + easy DIY on how to re-create it!

DIY Fresh Flower Wall what you will need

What you’ll need:
• Hot Pink Ranunculus
• Dark Pink Garden Rose – Baronesse
• Pink Garden Rose – Mayra
• Red Ranunculus
• Dusty Pink Garden Rose – Romantic Antike
• Floral scissors
• Washi tape (one of the gold colors)

Note: We bought both traditional washi tape and Scotch brand washi tape in variations of 3 different colors/patterns. We found later that the Scotch brand held up the flowers stronger than the traditional washi tape, so we are recommending that you use the Scotch brand.

Prep: We ordered our flowers using Flower Muse. They have such a great selection of blooms and we can’t sing their praises enough! Our flowers arrived 2 days in advance to the event. Once they arrived, we cut an inch from all the stems and soaked the flowers in cool water and placed in our garage until we were ready to use them on Sunday morning.

The day of your event, you’ll want to start by stripping your stems of extra leaves and trim to desired lengths. We used varying lengths so that flowers would be different in height next to each row. Spray flowers with water to help keep moisture in them as you work. Also weed out crooked flowers that bow too much as they are harder to maintain a straight line on the wall when you go to tape them up. Measure on your wall how far apart you want each row of flowers to be and mark with a piece of tape/pencil. You can stagger the top height as well, we just chose to keep it the same.

DIY Flower Wall

So lovely! And of course you could recreate using different flowers, these are the ones we used since we wanted to keep a pink ombre feel with our wall. A few other helpful things to note: It took us 3 hours to complete the wall with 3 people working on it; We started the wall at 10am and the flowers still looked great at 10pm.

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for this amazing diy tutorial and Katie Pritchard for the photos! To see additional photos of this gorgeous wall, go here.

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