Trade show Inspiration: creating a stand-alone booth

Pure Photography Stand Alone Booth

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Last week we shared with you a trade show handout that works, this week we’re going to share the booth that went with the handout.

Lindsey of Pure Photography created a stand-alone ‘pop up shop’ sort of booth. This allows a ton of venue versatility; it’s something you can use at a trade show, an outside fair, a boutique, a home event, etc.

This concept was created with:
-six hollow doors (you can purchase from a store like Home Depot)
-painting the doors white and then adding a gray chevron pattern to match her brand
-the doors being attached together using door hinges
-a cross-beam to add stability to the structure but also to house a white pendant lamp

Pure Photography Stand Alone Booth ecu

Pure Photography Stand Alone Booth space

Depending on the type of venues you exhibit in, this might be a great solution for you and your business!


Photos: Pure Photography

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