Trade show Inspiration: Almondleaf Studios

Almondleaf Studio bridal show booth

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I would characterize this booth by Elizabeth of Almondleaf Studios as Vintage. Rustic. Earthy.

Almondleaf Studio booth storyboard

Check out all the fun little details of this awe-inspiring photography booth…

– burlap goodie bags containing yummy chocolates inside (hello, what girl doesn’t like chocolate?!)

Almondleaf Studio bridal show booth 1

– printed handouts containing pricing info

Almondleaf Studio bridal show booth 2

– tea/coffee stained hand-stamped tags as business cards +  the business cards displayed within a frame of succulents. Love this idea!

Almondleaf Studio bridal show booth 3

– vinyl record player with a classical album cover

Almondleaf Studio bridal show booth 4

– burlap backdrop, vintage stools and suitcases housing displays, a rustic pulley ornament, along with recycled wood pallets, planks and beam post details.

Almondleaf Studio show booth

– clearly defined target and style.

If I was a vintage, rustic, earthy gal getting ready to get hitched – I’d step into this photography business booth and have a serious ‘I want to hire you’ kind of conversation.

And friends, THIS is what it’s all about!!! Set the stage. Attract the right customer for you. Get the business. End of (this booth) story!

P.S. When I went behind-the-scenes and looked at Elizabeth, the person, the fact that she works in partnership with Silent Images (non-profit) and is committed to giving back a percentage of all their proceeds to end human trafficking, I was SOLD again.

Kudos to Elizabeth / Almondleaf Studios. I like you girl…You’ve got a good “old soul”.


Photo Source: Almondleaf Studios.

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