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Trade Show Booth Inspiration-Adored Photography Expo Booth Space

Welcome to Trade Show Inspiration, where you can share in my love for marketing, design + trade show spaces. I hope you become inspired to take your booth space up a notch!
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blog post separatorMeghan Rickard of Adored Photography created her expo booth set-up around the concept, “This is what my nursery could look like.” Using mostly props and displays already in her photography studio, made it easier (and less costly) to pull the booth space together.

-With purchased fabric from, Meghan made these chevron curtains herself. She simply sewed some ‘ties’ for the top and looped them around some branches from a client’s backyard cut off tree.
-A little, white table housed a display of albums, business cards, magnets, blocks that spelled out BABY and a live fish!
-A shelf containing toys, books, pictures, albums, etc. is something you would most definitely have in your nursery.
-A crib, gallery wall containing beautiful pictures of your new baby, and a comfortable chair (for those nightly feedings) all help convey the story.

Remember in Marketing Basics #3: Enchantment we talked about how Enchantment is about more than what you sell, it’s about how you sell it.

Your trade show booth, expo or fair space is about showcasing your brand, creating an enchanting space that sells what you do and what you have to offer.

Meghan started with a concept and found the inspiration within her own studio, but you can find inspiration on tv, in magazines, window shopping, doing a Google search or searching Pinterest. I did a quick search on Pinterest for ‘baby shower ideas’ and found other ideas that could be easily incorporated into a booth space concept like hers.

Trade show booth space inspirationHang baby clothes, a banner, offer ‘thank you’ for stopping by cookies

Trade show booth space inspiration 2A mobile (of your products), sheer, paper poufs

Trade show booth space inspiration 3Umbrella’s in your brands color scheme

Start with a concept, theme or message that you’d like to convey and start designing a trade show booth that will have people enchanted and stopping in their tracks!

Great trade show booth inspiration Adored Photography! You quickly and clearly communicated what your business is about… which is a winner in my book.


*Images: 1, 2, 3 & 4

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