tips for begging bloggers

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from beginning bloggers asking for my advice on the top tips or things they should consider as they get started.

This post is for those of you just starting out! And 5 things I think new bloggers should consider:

1. Try to have your blog name and URL match. Buy the domain name for your blog’s title. I always recommend you buy the .com.  A domain name is generally about $13/year, easy to install, plus it helps your readers remember your URL easier!

2. Online reading is different than reading traditional paper. It’s harder to read things online, that’s why it’s best to keep your posts short and chunk your information. In other words, keep your paragraphs short, use graphics or photos to break up text, and use bulleted or numbered lists where applicable.

Note: white space around the short paragraphs, images, and lists will help draw your readers’ eyes to the information that’s important, plus make it easier for them to scan your content!

3. Use a design with a light background and dark text. This is more about usability and readability. Sites that use a dark background with light text strain readers’ eyes, making it difficult to read.

Oh yeah – and not too much clutter. A sleek, uncluttered design goes a long way with readers! The less clutter, the more space you have, the less items competing for your reader’s attention… so they’ll be drawn to what’s important!!!

4. Have a site design aesthetic that stands the test of time. Guess what? Those sites with watercolor marks all over them might be hot today, but they won’t last too much longer. I always recommend that you keep your design aesthetic simple and use your photographs and images to keep your site looking fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Want an example of using your photos to stay fresh and new with the current trends? Check out these watercolor overlays with Lilly Pulitzer’s Spring 2014 photographs.

5. Obtain a Self Hosted WordPress.org site.  WordPress.com means you’re limited to free themes that you cannot modify, and you’re not allowed to upload any free, paid or custom plugins.

I believe you’re going to want to maximize the potential of your blog. If you’re looking at your blog to generate some income, then take full control over your site.

Learn from others who have started before you…get WordPress.org so you can modify, customize, or do anything that YOU like to your site.

I hope these 5 top tips for beginning bloggers will help you get started on the right path – towards a successful business.



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    1. A blog helps greatly with on-going seo (search engine optimization)! A number of websites today are built on wordpress and thus have the option to have a blog page as well – within the same site, not separate from the site. So if I’m interpreting your question correctly, the answer is no. If I’m not understanding your question correctly, give me a shout at 360-739-5632 and we can talk it out!

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