The Perfect 3 Day Girls Travel Guide To Waco, TX

Building relationships and community with other bloggers (Instagrammers, Youtubers, etc.) is a great way to grow your blog.

I strongly encourage you to form a blogging alliance and go on trips together – it’s not only good for your soul, it’s also good for your blog (and personal growth) too!

Recently, I got together with a group of blogger and Instagram influencers for 3 full days in Waco Texas.


When I was offered the one of a kind opportunity to go to Waco, Texas with several other bloggers and Instagram influencers, I knew I couldn’t pass it up!

As soon as we arrived, we hit the ground running. Here’s what we ate, where we stayed, the activities we did and a few tips to help you plan your own 3-day girls trip in Waco, Texas.

Our Full 3 Day Waco Travel Guide

When we, and by “we” I mean myself and 11 other blogger + Instagram influencers, were offered an amazing 3-day get together in Waco, Texas – home of Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines fame – we knew we couldn’t pass it up.

I had heard so many things about Waco; the beautiful countryside, the shopping, the Magnolia silos, the food and the hospitality.

And now I was going to spend 3 full days experiencing Waco, while also building friendships with other brand influencers that I’d only met online.

I flew into Dallas (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport), but a few of my mates flew into the other Dallas airport (Love Field Airport) – I had no idea that there were 2 Dallas airports, so be aware of this when you book your flight. Note: both airports are about an hour and a half drive to Waco.

Common Grounds 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

My drive mates (and roomies: Kristi/The Pickled Rose, Tracy/Plaids & Poppies, Vanessa/The Urban Farm Farmgirl) HAD to stop at the popular Common Grounds – so many choices and not enough time to sample them all! haha

Green Door Lofts 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-2

We stayed at the Green Door Lofts, a unique set of lofts that have a Magnolia design style mixed with a totally fun industrial urban vibe. Our loft was on the second floor, named the Boho Loft — we had a large disco ball in the living room and a view of the silos from our balcony! It was lovely!!!

Green Door Lofts Boho Loft 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-3
Silos View Green Door Lofts 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

The Green Door Lofts, appropriately named from the famous green door that welcomes you into a hip courtyard, with beautiful landscaping, a colorful seating area and heated pool. Not to mention, it’s centrally located in the middle of Austin Avenue and walking distance from all of your MUST SEE places including The Silos, Linen & Cake, The Findery, and Pie Peddlers Bakery, just to name a few.

For dinner, we walked across the street to Klassy Glass Wine Bar & Bistro. This is a great place for casual dining with your friends. They even had some live music playing.

We woke up early to sunshine, so we decided this would be our day to spend at Magnolia Market.

You’re going to need lots of energy for shopping, so coffee and a hearty breakfast at Harvest on 25th is a great place to start. This was a swanky, friendly restaurant that entwines nutrition and flavor into their dishes – I would highly recommend the blueberry pancakes!

Magnolia Silos 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-3
Magnolia Silos 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

Next it was time to explore Magnolia and the Silos. I’m not a big shopper (gasp), but my five senses (smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch) were ignited and the creative mind was in high-gear. Even though it was busy and there were people at every turn, it’s totally worth the visit!

Magnolia Store 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-2
Magnolia Store 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

Just down the street was a great shop called The Findery. This is where I found a few home décor items and gifts that I couldn’t refuse. If you leave out of here empty handed, I’d be surprised, haha.

Limo Service 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide
The Cottonland Castle 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

We ended the day taking a limo ride around Waco via Legacy Limo! Our driver was so nice and even made us a special playlist – and when we wanted to stop and look at things, like The Cottonland Castle – a new bed and breakfast project by Chip and Joanna Gaines – he kindly obliged. Oh ya – and when several of us wanted to pick up a few new clothes, he took us to Courtney’s Boutique, prior to our steak and seafood dinner at 135 Prime. Such a lovely way to end a perfect day with friends!

Courtneys Boutique 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

Cuter Tudor I Simple Cozy Charm I Turquoise Lifestyle I The Urban Farmgirl I Gathered Grace I Happy Days Farm I The Refined Farmhouse I Staging Studio I Your Marketing BFF I The Pickled Rose I Plaids and Poppies

Outfit details: Dress barn Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress, Hoop Earrings

We woke up early to pouring down rain, but that wasn’t going to stop us from having breakfast at Magnolia Table. Want a tip? The best time to go and not have a long wait is as soon as they open. Luckily, we didn’t mind waiting – it gave us time to chat about blogging – and the donut bites and French toast with strawberry butter are well worth the wait.

Magnolia Table Restaurant 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-2

You might even run into Jo’s mom, who was nice enough to stop by our table and take a picture with us.

Magnolia Table Restaurant 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide

We ended the day at Brazo’s Bar and Bistro with some tasty appetizers, drinks, steak and decadent desserts. The chef even came out and greeted all of us! And brought us out several different desserts to sample… of course, I had to try them all!

Sadly the next morning we packed up and headed off to the airport. But, I plan on doing more blogging girls trips in the future and may already have one in the works…. !

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Rugs America  I  Purple Mattress  I  Green Door Lofts  I  Lamps Plus  I  Legacy Limousines I 135 Prime  I  Hotel Indigo  I   Courtney’s Boutique  I  Dress Barn  I  Harvest on 25th I Staging StudioThe Findery  I  900 Degree PizzaKlassy Glass Wine Bar  I  Pie Peddlers  I  Dollar Hydrangea

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