The Benefits of Curated Content

The benefits of curated contentDo you want a quick and easy way to produce relevant, valuable blog content that has a ton of benefits… and you don’t have to start from scratch?

If you do, I’d suggest you become a good content curator!

What is a content curator?

A content curator is someone who finds, groups, organizes and shares relevant content around a specific topic.

And a good content curator doesn’t just select and share – they add value by providing context and meaning!

An Introduction To Content Curation

Content curation involves taking content from external sources and presenting it to your readers in a different way.

Note: all curated content must be properly credited – citing the originator of the content and linking to its original source – but you can add things such as commentary, images, or headlines to make it more valuable to your readers.

My ‘Beautiful Neutral Fall Décor’ is an example of a curated blog post that cites the originator + links to its original source. In this post I’m curating a variety of beautiful neutral fall décor styles I’ve pulled from other bloggers and letting my readers experience my voice, plus defining me as a leader within this type of content.

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The Benefits of Curated Content

Curated blog posts are a great way to produce top quality content for your readers while decreasing the amount of copy you have to write.

I believe a good rule of thumb is to have 80% of your blog posts be unique/your own, while 20% can be curated.

The 5 benefits of curated content are:

  1. A Time Saver – this is a quick and easy way to produce relevant, valuable blog content that you didn’t have to start from scratch.
  2. Define Yourself As A Content Leader – when your blog strategy goals are to bring value, provide answers to your readers’ questions and/or inspire them, leave your ego at the door and become a content leader your readers’ trust. When you share other content, you are seen as the person defining what IS and IS NOT top content.
  3. Bringing Value To Your Readers – Your point of view is something that your readers love, but curated posts can help bring new perspectives and knowledge to your readers. By adding opinions, providing additional imagery examples, or tweaking headlines and descriptions, you’re delivering the content in the best possible way.
  4. Amplify Your Brand – The curation process gives you the perfect opportunity to add your brand and voice to existing content.
  5. Offers Better SEO – Original content is preferred by search engines, but curated posts tend to drive a lot of traffic because readers like to go to one place to see a variety of examples on one topic. And with more traffic, comes better SEO results!

As I’ve just outlined, the benefits of curated content are not only great for you (the blog writer), but your readers as well!

In the blogging world, there are mainly two ways to curate content:

  1. Write your own content and thoughts about the specific topic, while sharing and explaining others images (you might even share one or two of your own in the grouping).

Real Life Example: ‘7 Simple Gorgeous Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes’ is a curated blog post I did that consists of six others and one of my own in the grouping.

Real Life Example: ‘Saturday Shopping’ by Courtney of A Thoughtful Place – a curated blog post of her latest shopping finds… with lots of affiliate marketing links! A great way to make money from a blog post.

The benefits of curated content example 2

  1. Write a lead in paragraph or two about the specific topic and then share a listing of examples.

Real Life Example: ‘Combinations For A Coastal Kitchen’ by Studio McGee included a few of their own designs, as well as others, that fit this specific topic.

The benefits of curated content example 3

The pressure to deliver a steady stream of content to maintain relationships with your readers and customers can be overwhelming. And trying to satisfy these demands can be a huge drain on both your time and other resources.

Become a good content curator and start to reap the many benefits of curated content!



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    1. Yes, readers love these posts. And if you think about it, it’s similar to what folks do on Instagram (and are successful doing)!

  1. This is one of the most helpful posts (to me) that you’ve ever written Tana! I needed this to help me get off the struggle bus of continually pumping out original content. Thank you!!!

    1. YAY! Yes, you have a ton of content… now it’s time to go back and bring it new and improved life!!! xo

  2. Thanks Tana…this is really good info., I’ve wondered about this and how to do it properly…giving proper credit and such. Now I feel like I can do a curated post and not feel like I’m cheating or something.. Silly but true.

  3. I love this idea! While I’m primarily considered a food blogger (because my traffic via Google Analytics tells me I’m a food blogger), I’ve always wanted to be a lifestyle blog. But, one of the challenges in my mind is how many times can you share your living room (or kitchen or bedroom, etc.) with your readership when you don’t have a reason (or the money) to continually change it up! This is a great solution – use these types of posts to “reintroduce” that one living room reveal post over and over, but include other bloggers beautiful living room in a series of these posts! Thanks, Tana; you’ve unlocked the door for me!

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