The Anatomy of a Powerful Brand

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anatomy of a powerful brand

A powerful brand is more than just a logo and a few colors, it’s about creating a personality, telling a story and making an emotional connection with your audience!

A brand is formed by combining a number of elements together, and these elements help define who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Today we’re going to talk about the anatomy of a powerful brand and how the sum of all of these elements or ‘pieces’ come together to create a powerful brand identity.

The Anatomy of a Powerful Brand

  • Inspiration. It’s always good to find images that reflect and support your style.  These will help you to clearly define your branding focus.
  • A color palette. Choosing colors that support your brand message and mood.
  • The logo. Your logo is the instantly recognizable element that sets the tone for your blog (or business). Your logo doesn’t have to tell your whole story, that’s what all the other pieces are for.
  • Design elements and icons. These add character, depth, texture and personality that reinforce your brand.
  • A set of fonts and typefaces for titles/headings, body copy, signature and accents will give additional meaning and personality to your brand identity. Did you know there’s fonts commonly associated with classic, modern, bold, casual, aggressive and straight-forward personalities? My personal favorite is the little black dress of typefaces; always fitting in beautifully, classy and appealing to everyone, everywhere – it’s the Helvetica font!
  • Photography adds an element of consistency, interest and storytelling. Remember – a pictures worth a thousand words!
  • Brand Materials. Taking all of these elements, putting them together cohesively, in order to tell your whole story and leave a long-lasting impression. These would be your blog and/or website, business card, stationery, emails, brochure, menu, media kit, packaging, stickers, Facebook or Twitter banner image, etc.

Note: If you click on the links above, you’ll go to previous blog posts where I talk in greater length about each element.

There’s a lot that goes into the anatomy of a powerful brand, a lot more than most people realize and yet they can recognize a powerful brand when they see one!

Do you have a powerful brand? If not, we can help you create yours with our brand defining assignment and a one hour consultation. Feel free to drop me a line.


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