{Staging} Image is Important!


“If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything. You just have to be noticed, but the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or without tricks.”   ~ Leo Burnett


Is your business getting noticed?
Are you aware of who you are and the client that best suits you/your biz?
Does your image MATCH your ideal client and the experience that you want to provide to your ideal client?

If not, it needs to!

I’m always stressing this point…

Your image should be CRYSTAL CLEAR and CONSISTENT in every aspect of your business. And, when you create a visual experience, you need to have EVERY DETAIL in mind.

Last month, I featured a business image makeover of For Heavens Cakes. (You can read this blog post here.)

This month I wanted to share with you the Flower Box, a flower shop that was trying hard to keep things growing, but after 16 years the business was withering. If things didn’t turn around they’d have to close the shop.

The original focus of the business was the Zen aspect of flowers, but their image and experience was anything but Zen!

As you can see from the Before picture above – the first impression image was chaotic, full of clutter and had no real flow to it…not the zen look and feel experience that the owner wanted to convey to their customers.

Now: “WOW – a Zen Couture Flower Design shop!

Here’s a few more pictures after the image makeover.

The business logo is now clean and simple. And the Zen Couture Floral Design decal on the exterior tells passerbys EXACTLY what they do!

Do you notice the Zen Couture inspired details?

Zen style is clean, simple and has minimal furniture. It involves little color, simple lines, and minimal amounts of things around the room…A non-cluttered space and merchandising with a Zen flow to it, a water feature, a Japanese tea garden consultation space, bamboo and Asian plants/flowers, simple decal sayings/quotes on the walls, and minimal accessories and decorations. Pictures and merchandising are now balanced as well.

Not sure what your image is or how to set the stage in your business?

Our 90-Day Bootcamp provides you with DIY step-by-step instructions and is available in the shop!

And for those of you in the greater Phoenix area, you can contact our BFF Vendor: The Restylist who can help get you started setting the stage or simply do it all for you!

Images via Peter Perfect/The Style Network

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