{Staging} Image is Everything!

(Before and After biz makeover pics of For Heavens Cakes)

“Image is Everything” ~ Andre Agassi

IMAGE IS the mental picture that comes to mind – it’s the visual impression that people perceive about you/your business.

And most of the time, an image of you is formed within seconds.

That’s why your first impression images are oh-so-important…you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

So if I were to ask you, “What is your image?” What would you say, could you give me an answer?

Image is what draws people (and their money) into your business, gives them something to brag about to their family/friends and keeps them coming back.

I want you to write this down…

Your image should be CRYSTAL CLEAR and CONSISTENT in every aspect of your business.  And, when you create a visual experience, you need to have EVERY DETAIL in mind.

The reaction you’re looking for is, “WOW – I’ve stepped into a (place your business image here)!

And to best illustrate this, I wanted to share with you a real life example of SETTING THE STAGE to match your business image.

For Heavens Cakes had always created divinely decadent desserts but before their shop was given an incredible image makeover, the business experience was anything but divine!

As you see from the before picture above – the first impression image was oh-so-blah and didn’t create the decadent look and feel experience that they wanted to convey to their customers.

After: “WOW – I’ve just stepped into a decadent, chic French Bistro!”

Do you notice the decadent French Bistro inspired details?

The thought of intrigue, romance and European beauty comes to mind…traditional stripes, oval shaped (with traditional stripes) logo, dark/rich wood, flowing drapery on windows, French apron ‘uniforms’ for the staff, bistro table and chairs, wrought iron ‘romantic-time worn’ antique furniture and lights, crystal (gold) chandelier, chic zebra patterned floor rug, large posters, planter boxes located at the front of the store and flanking store doors, whimsical window decals.

As you can see… image is everything!

(Images via Peter Perfect/The Style Network)

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