{Staging} How-to develop the DETAILS!

Setting the stage (a.k.a. visual image) for your business can be a lot of fun.

And once you determine YOUR IMAGE – an image that matches your ideal client – it’s time to create an environment that is crystal clear and easily identifiable from the moment someone lays eyes on your business.

So how do you develop the DETAILS that will enable you to set the stage?

  1. Make a list of “things” that come to mind when you think of your image.  I’m talking features, accents, decorations, and details that appeal to your senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell in regards to your image .
  2. Search your image style online (ex: Google search) and see what descriptions, furniture, colors, etc. come up.
  3. Get inspiration from movies, books, and magazines that cater to the image style you’re looking for.

Let’s put what I just said in action…

Bonce Hair Salon wanted to create a “Hair-raising Retro Celebration of Pop Art” visual image — one that stood out from their competitors and would attract their ideal clients.

Here’s a list of things that might come to mind (or could be found during an online search):

-late 1950’s – 1970’s

-Andy Warhol

-comic book images

-bold colors: green, orange, red

-innovative use of materials

-great lines

-bold patterns

-lacquer furniture

-curvilinear and circular furniture forms

Let’s see how well Bonce Hair salon did.  Here are a few pictures of their “Retro Pop Art” environment.

Retro Pop Art inspired details:  Retro style usually has a fun, lively feel to it, with bright colors, wild designs and an overall sense of “flair”. Pop art is simply art that draws upon popular culture – it is accessible, glamorous, witty, bright and glossy.

Bonce Hair Salon is a lively, trendy salon with a mecca of bold eye-catching pop art graphics, smooth plastic modernism/retro furniture, retro colors (avocado green, combinations of black, white and red) and shiny black tile flooring.

They did a great job of setting the right stage for their clients.


Want to learn step-by-step how to set the right stage for you/your biz?  This is covered in week 6 of the Bootcamp!


***Images via Bonce Hair Salon

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