{Staging} Are You Speaking Your Customers Language?

Casey’s Dog House exterior – the first impression

I was watching a Hallmark movie this past weekend called Nearlyweds (one of my “me time” guilty pleasures!)

One of the gals in the movie owned a retail shop called, “Casey’s Dog House.”

I found myself loving her shop décor and image…

  • The exterior with the whimsical logo, dog statues and topiaries flanking the front door (you know how I have a thing for topiaries!)
  • The inside “homey” feel with the retail counter made from reclaimed wood
  • The chandelier, traditional chairs and glamour end table
  • Dog treat displays that look like real cupcakes, cookies, and candies
  • Casey in her biz logo apron ready to serve up some home goodness

Yep, this was a movie retail shop, but if it wasn’t I would totally shop there.

Does your image “speak” to your ideal customers?

It doesn’t matter if you have a physical location or are online only, there are a number of reasons why you should “speak” the language that will attract your ideal customers.

Keep in mind. Your business image should serve as an extension of what the customer truly desires.

In today’s competitive business environment, your image has the power to persuade customers to fulfill their desires at your shop versus another.

How do you prevail in the fight for consumers’ dollars?

Create a connection between the store (physical or online), the company and the consumer.

The psychology of shopping relies upon consumers’ senses. Obviously, what consumers take in visually is vital to prompting them to come in and buy.

Here’s What You Need To Do FIRST to create a visually appealing business:

  • Create a mood board. You can tear images out of magazines, take photographs of businesses you like, watch a show and snap a picture with your camera (like I did for this post).
  • Ask Yourself the WHY questions.  Why do a few businesses that you frequent appeal to you?  Why do the images, colors, styles on the mood board visually speak to you? Stay grounded on what elements or details you specifically like.
  •  Ask for Help.  Talk to your ideal customer, take courses, hire a professional designer who can create a mood board (with source guide) you can easily follow.

By changing a few key image details, you can start “speaking” the language your ideal customer’s desire…and change the direction of your ENTIRE BUSINESS.

So there you have it.


Want a custom E-Mood Board (with source guide) for your retail location or upcoming tradeshow booth? You can purchase this in our shop for $299.


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  1. If I had a shop or even an online shop, I imagine i would make it all girlie and cutsie. The kind of customer I would want to attract would be ones that share my same tastes and love Pink!

    1. The customers that are most similar to you are typically the best to attract…because you understand them and their desires and they understand you! It’s an easy, natural attraction. Cute site btw!

  2. I personally blog also and I’m posting a little something very similar to this particular article, “Staging Are You Speaking Your
    Customers Language?”. Do you mind in the event I actuallyuse
    a few of your personal ideas? Thanks for your time -Harriet

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