Small Powder Room – One Room Challenge Week 4

Hello and welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! I kind of started my small powder room challenge half-way through the challenge. Yep, I’m a get it done kind-of-gal!

So if you missed my previous posts, you can catch up on the project here:

Inspiration | week 3

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This week we cut all the MDF boards to create our wainscoting. I was originally going to cut each piece square (much quicker and easier), but the hubs wanted to do 45 degree angle corners – this wasn’t a make or break deal for me, so I caved and let him do the 45, haha.

Of course the walls were not the same size, so I drew up the design and then headed to Lowe’s to buy the MDF board – one sheet was all I needed (less than $30).

To make the squares on the wall I used 2″ high boards and made the top of the wainscoting with 3″ high boards. Note: The baseboards are 4″ high throughout the house.

We nailed the boards in place with our Dewalt compression nail gun and then I used Dap Plastic Wood (an all purpose wood filler) to cover the nail holes. Next, I used caulk to fill in any gaps. Once this dried, I gave it a good sanding.

Here’s what things look like so far:

Note: I pre-painted a few of the boards, especially those in the ‘hard to reach’ areas. All boards and the wall areas in the squares will be painted white with Forget Me Not white.

The wall behind the door needed a little something, something. I decided the perfect thing would be to add a couple of framed photos.

I was envisioning a mystified look, something that wouldn’t detract from the wall mural. Right away I thought of a couple of photos my son (he’s 15) had taken earlier this year during an early morning hike up the Oysterdome Lookout (located in the Pacific Northwest Trail in Bellingham, WA – where both of us were born).

Converting Jax’s color photos to black and white, a quick 8 1/2 x 11 print at Costco (less than $4) and viola. Here’s what the photographs will look like in their frames:

Next week I’ll be painting the boards and the wall areas in the squares with Forget Me Not white. Perhaps the lighting will get installed too. See ya next week!

*Post Featured Bathroom Photo by Jillian Harris

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    1. Thanks Madeline! This is my first time EVER doing wainscoting in one of my homes… Not sure why I never did it before! I LOVE it.

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