Small Powder Room – One Room Challenge Week 3

Hello and welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! If you’re looking for weeks 1 and 2 posts, you won’t really find them since I’m jumping into the ORC half-way through. Heck, I don’t need 6 weeks – it’s a small room, haha.

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Week 1: would be considered my ‘design inspiration’ phase and you can see that here.

Week 2: I made a couple of purchases, like the wallpaper and created the wainscoting design layout on the computer – essentially a blueprint to follow.

In today’s post I am going to show you what I did this week as well as tell you about the lighting change I made.

After spotting the nursery reveal by Oksana of Foxie Oxie, I immediately fell in love with the wallpaper mural she had chosen. It was at this very moment that I decided I had to have this for my small powder bathroom.

This wall mural, called Clara Wall Mural, by Walls Need Love is a removable, adhesive wallpaper. Note: if you are renting or not sure you’ll like having wallpaper a few years from now, this is a great option for you too!

A little history…

The hubs and I designed and built our home about 1 ½ years ago.  My design style is transitional – a mix of modern and traditional elements. You could also say my home is minimalistic and neutral in nature, but I love adding a few dramatic elements – like a gathering kitchen table (it’s much longer than the standard kitchen table length), two cobalt blue sofas, and now this wall mural as you step into the entryway and catch a glimpse through the cracked powder room door.

Here’s what the wallpaper looks like in our small powder bathroom…


Small Powder Bathroom ORC Wallpaper Install

[one-half]And after:


I spent several days, actually more like two weeks, searching and deciding on the light fixture to go above the mirror. I decided on what I wanted right away, but the price had me hesitating.

If you don’t know this about me, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’m frugal.  The hubs likes to say cheap, but I think there’s a big difference between cheap and frugal. Anyways, I didn’t want to pay $130 for one light fixture.

So after plenty of researching I finally found THE ONE! The one that looked like my original concept, but at a much better price of $50.

The one on the left was the clear glass flared sconce light I almost bought from Pottery Barn, and on the right is the one I bought.

Can you say SCORE?!

Next week I’ll have the wainscoting completed – the paneling that lines the lower part of the wall. And a few of the ‘detail’ items I ordered should arrive. See ya next week!

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  1. Love that you’re diving right into this project on Week 3! And, you’re right – you’re almost finished!! WOW! The wallpaper will make a fantastic impact in this tiny space!

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful! I love the wall paper you’ve chosen. Welcome to the challenge! I’ll be wallpapering too. A bit nervous, but ready for it just the same.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad my friend Jen (Decor Gold Designs) talked me into it! I think the wallpapering is the toughest part. Can’t wait to see yours – you’ve got this! xo

  3. I love the look. I have a powder room that also has a toilet and a pedestal sink. it is 6′ long and 30″ wide. I love the wallpaper but wonder if it is too bold for a room that isn’t very wide. I will only be wainscoting on the 7′ wall that you as you enter the powder room and the wallpaper above. Can you give me your opinion on using your wallpaper? How deep is your room> The other walls will be painted. Thanks

    1. Hi Sharon! My powder room is very small – the wall with the wallpaper is 5 feet wide and the toilet/pedestal sink wall is 5.75 feet wide (with 10 foot ceilings). I LOVE our wallpaper print and we get a TON of compliments on it. I think little prints make a small room feel closed it, this larger print (on the one wall) in a small room makes the space feel larger. PLUS this is removable wallpaper, so if at any point I get tired of it, I can easily remove it. Hope that helps!

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