{Retail Design} C. Wonder(ful) Store Design

What is C. Wonder?  A shopping destination that transports women into a world of luxury and surprises.

With breathtaking, always-changing window and floor displays, gorgeous decorative schemes and intriguing surprises to uncover (like a fitting room with pick your own mood music!), C. Wonder delivers brightness to every corner of life.

C. Wonder is the creation of J. Christopher Burch.

And, I have to tell you…I am BLOWN AWAY by the brand, the retail interiors, the staged details, and the photographs that are released to the media.

A detailed look inside the seamless C. Wonder boutique brand.

The BIG, BRIGHT green doors — marked with an extravagant “C” — give way to a jubilant celebration of design and discovery (which I love!).

The boutique is “divided” into individual lifestyle shops, and each shop has a specific theme and mood to its offerings.

For example, in the entry, you might land in a Regency-style room dedicated to all things handbags; keep walking and you can land in an English townhouse or a Palm Springs cabana.  It’s uh-maaaazing – between the bright colors, patterns, and shiny accents, you’ll be transported into absolute wonder and delight.

Personally, I am bonkers for pops of color!  And when you arrange objects with one colorful item or color groupings you create an eye-catching, stylish presentation.

Even creating displays using everyday items such as books, boxes, food trays and bowls seem wonder(ful).

Word to the wise: this is how you do retail right…and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to emulate some of these details!




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