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I’m so excited to be redesigning my blog business and sharing with you the personal steps I’m taking to restart my business.

Why? So you can do the same…you can either cowboy it on your own (how’s it been working for you thus far?) or you can learn from others that have been there before.

Some brief history: I started this blog in the Spring of 2011 to help small business owners with their marketing. At the time, I had a marketing consulting agency that focused on working with Fortune 500 companies (companies like Apple, Fuji Film, and Motorola) and I was struggling to find time to work with small businesses as well.

My goal in starting this blog was to help small businesses who were struggling with their marketing efforts and to push them to cause much needed CHANGE in their businesses.

The blog was created as a means for me to give back, but it has turned into something that I never dreamed of…and I can’t thank all of you enough for that!

In order to help even more of you – my business has to change. I want to remind you that change is a good thing. Don’t run from it, embrace it!

My wish is for those who are struggling to restart your lives and restart your businesses (or just get started), that you will continue to journey this ride with me…I want this blog to empower you to follow your dreams, be transparent, and run successful businesses.

You know that the big picture isn’t yet complete, but it’s going to be darn beautiful when it happens.

Cheers to restarting businesses!

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