{Random} What’s in a font? A lot.

Fonts don’t just display letters as words and sentences – they can convey emotion, attitude and the tone…of your business.

Are you conveying the right message? Check this out:

Now look at the type of your business logo – what does your font say about you?

I bet you never thought about it.  That’s why I wanted to share with you the importance of fonts/typefaces, give you some tips, as well as a quick, comprehensive type guide.

Let’s start with four great tips you should know about type:

  1. Limit yourself to a maximum of three contrasting typefaces (on your website, blog, printed marketing materials, etc.)
  2. 95% of graphic design is typography.
  3. First: start off on paper, then move to your computer.  (I like to cut type styles/words from magazines that catch my eye and then match them to fonts found via sites such as www.dafont.com).
  4. When you’re stuck…discard old ideas and start fresh!

Want a quick, comprehensive type guide that you can use as a reference? You can find a great one here on my Pinterest.

Find the perfect font for you/your business.

I like to ‘test’ a variety of fonts when I’m designing logo’s for clients.  Some font sites have a ‘custom preview’ section that allow you to put in your word(s) and see the typography graphic design different fonts create.

Here’s a ‘test’ I did on dafont when I was creating Your Marketing BFF’s logo:

I chose the Halo Handletter font for Your Marketing BFF because it’s a script calligraphy font containing characteristics of connected, flowing, and playful.  And, this font is a print + cursive handwriting style – which is exactly how I write!

And for those of you interested in the history of typefaces…

Mashable’s infographic design by Nick Sigler shows some history and fun tidbits. Enjoy.

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