{Photography} Food & Light: Photography Tips from Diane Cu

I talk a lot to my clients about the importance of styling your photographs… in order to get AMAZING product shots, blog post photos, Pinterest photos, marketing materials, etc.

Trust me, great photos will attract people to your business and help it grow. And poor photos will turn off potential customers quicker than you can say Buh-Bye.

You know what I’m talking about – photos that are:




Distracting (have a picture of your product plus a 100 other things that shouldn’t be in the picture),

Taken with Aunt Thelma’s polaroid! Ick.

Instead, learn from a pro like Diane Cu.

I came across this great post Food & Light: Photography Tips from Diane Cu (via Averie Cooks) and had to share it with all of you.

It’s a MUST read for any of you that want to be successful (and can’t afford a pro to take the pictures for you).

Once you’ve read the tips, I dare you to start shooting and practicing…it’s good for you and good for business!  Feel free to share – can’t wait to see some of your shots!



Special thanks to:

Avery Cooks for the photos and article featured here.

Diane Cu, for the talented photographer she is. Want more photo inspiration from Diane Cu? Check out her site White on Rice Couple.

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